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Byline: FAYE BROWN ECHO Correspondent @brownfaye_93

LIVERPOOL council has explained the reason behind a road repair that left residents from a "beautiful cobbled street" in the city centre fuming.

Dave Maddox, of Chatham Street, hit out at the council on Twitter after discovering patches of asphalt on his "lovely cobbled" road.

He posted a picture of the road surface fail on Twitter and said: "Liverpool City Council's solution to a subsidence to the lovely cobbled street.

"Unevenly tarmac over it instead of digging them up and building cobbles from beneath."

He said the asphalt was a "totally out of order" solution to the damage, while other angry Twitter users slammed it as "lazy", "cheap" and a form of "vandalism".

After the photo was posted on social media, the council issued a statement saying it was a temporary repair.

But long-term residents of Chatham Street - which is just off the city's Georgian Quarter - said that while two patches of asphalt were fairly new, one at the bottom of the street had been there for years.

Maureen Delij, 69, who has lived there since 1975, said some of it has been there for longer than she can remember. She added that she had contacted the council about road repairs more times than she could count and said: "Tell Joe Anderson to come down and tell me it's temporary, I've lived here for 43 years. I'll tell him straight."

The council has now issued a fresh statement responding to the residents' concerns.

A spokesperson said that the older patch is believed to be a result of work carried out by a utility company - which will now face action over the mess it made.

The spokesperson said: "We have recently made temporary repairs on two patches of cobbles using Tarmac to make them safe and they will be replaced with cobbles in due course.

"The older patch is believed to be as a result of work carried out by a utility company. It is regrettable that they did not reinstate the cobbles and it would unfair for council tax payers to foot the bill for replacing them."

While the council won't be paying out for the cobbles, the spokesperson agreed that the asphalt was not acceptable and said that the authority would pursue the company responsible for the damage.

They added: "We will be taking action against the organisation responsible because this level of repair as a permanent solution is simply not acceptable in a conservation area."


The repairs which have caused such consternation in Chatham Street JAMES MALONEY

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 12, 2018
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