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CO Conservancy District to Commission Biodiesel Study.

Local Colorado newspaper the Lamar Daily News reported last week that the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District (LAVWCD) has announced plans to hire a consultant to examine the feasibility of developing biodiesel production facilities in the Arkansas Valley area of central Colorado.

The Daily News said LAVWCD will also join with Colorado State University to study the development of canola production to complement the biodiesel facilities. According to the newspaper, LAVWCD believes that utilizing canola oil to produce biodiesel will increase the crop's value, which in turn will boost agricultural profitability in the valley and help reduce water use.

The Daily News noted that valley officials are currently examining a potential biodiesel pilot project in the valley's Crowley County.

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Title Annotation:Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District
Publication:Alternative Transportation Fuels Today
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Date:Jun 27, 2005
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