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CNO approves service dress khaki uniform design, initial wear policy.

Service Dress Khaki (SDK), featuring a contemporary design, was approved by the chief of naval operations for development as an optional uniform for E-7 and above, as announced in NAVADMIN 020/10.

It is anticipated the uniform will be available for purchase in approximately 18 months, after issues identified in the wear test are resolved.

NAVADMIN 020/10 includes initial details of occasion for wear policy.


Costs for the uniform will be determined following the final development phase, including a second wear test to evaluate final uniform components, manufacturer selection and final manner of wear decisions. It is anticipated this process will be complete by FY12.

Two SDK uniform designs were developed and tested by 125 Sailors from April 2008 to October 2009. The testing included a traditional design, based on the original SDK uniform disestablished in 1975, and a contemporary uniform design, which incorporated more updated design features, such as an unbelted waist and peaked lapels.

Once available, SDK will be approved for optional wear in lieu of summer white and service khaki when wearing a tie in civilian attire is appropriate, such as in an office environment. It will be available by special order from Navy Exchange uniform centers for purchase.

For more information on uniforms and uniform policy, visit the Navy Uniform Matters Web site at

Story Courtesy of the Chief of Naval Personnel, Washington, D.C.

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