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CNC software speeds run times.

Service Tool & Die, a job shop fabricator in Kokomo, IN, uses a vertical machining center with CNC control and optimizing software to expedite work output.

The company processes nearly 10,000 lb of steel per month to serve appliance, automotive, aerospace, electronic, and medical customers. Because most jobs require fabrication to tolerances of +/- 0.001" to 0.0005", machine accuracy, run time, and repeatability are critical.

Depending on the application, order quantities range from one to 300 pieces. Special orders can top 500 pieces. Fast turnaround is critical to the company's business, making parts expediting important. Customers frequently inquire about job status, and often modify designs or change order quantities.

To expedite work output and supplement the output of its other CNC machine, Service Tool & Die installed a BMC 20 vertical machining center from Hurco Companies Inc, Indianapolis, IN. The machine uses Hurco's Ul-timax CNC control technology. Powerful yet simple enough to be used by operators with little or no complex NC (G-code) programming experience, Ultimax offers a choice of conversational or NC programming formats.

Service Tool & Die added Hurco Turbo/Exactor CNC optimizing software, which is designed to optimize the axis, spindle, and toolchanger movements of some Ultimax machines. The software can increase productivity for manufacturers who run extensive drilling operations, those who specialize only in milling, and those who handle only single part applications.

It can also improve the BMC machine's circle milling and contouring capabilities. Testing of milled circle roundness showed total indicator readout (tir) improvement of 50 to 100%, with substantially better results obtained at higher feedrates.

After using Turbo/Exactor software for only three weeks, Service Tool & Die CNC programmer Dean Kelly reports an 80 to 100% increase in the ability to accurately mill contours or circles, and increased run-time savings of 30 to 45%.

To illustrate the time savings possible from using the software, Mr Kelly detailed one job, which required drilling of 625 holes for a tailguide. Using the old method, it took five hours to drill the holes. With the Hurco software, the same operation took only 31/2 hours. Programming time was reduced from one day with the conventional method to 30 minutes.

In another application, the software reduced the time required to calculate dimensions, radii, and angles for an automotive circuit board assembly piece from nearly a week to only two to three hours.

For more information from Hurco Companies Inc, Indianapolis, IN, circle 188.
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Title Annotation:Service Tool and Die Manufacturing Co.'s Hurco Turbo/Exactor computer numerical control optimizing software
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Jul 1, 1992
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