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Q: What makes one CNC router different from another?

A: The benefits of a smart router are not in actually cutting parts, but in the details: Preparation, programming, hold-down, sorting, scrap, assembly and error handling are the main cost areas. Ordinary routers rely on the user to take care of them and the operator must be both skilled and well trained to work within the limits of the systems. -- submitted by Thermwood

Q: What should I look for?

A: The questions you need to ask are "How important is precision, finish, productivity, tool life and price?" Addressing these questions will help narrow the field. Ultimately the question to answer is what is my cost per part. Have I lowered the cost by increasing quality, increasing tool life, increasing throughput, increasing productivity? -- submitted by Komo

Q: Nested based or cell?

A: Consider what is being produced, the construction, production requirements today and in the future, current equipment, software and company growth. There is no easy answer. Anyone providing a simple answer is not looking out for your present and long-term needs. -- submitted by Holz-Her

Q: How can I process a narrow rail?

A: The vacuum clamping system can be equipped with mechanical clamping devices in place for the vacuum cups on the machine. You can then process the part without any limitations. -- submitted by IMA

Q: What software should I buy?

A: Quality machines will have enough software for just about any design. Don't jump in with both feet and buy costly software packages without even being comfortable with the machine. -- submitted by Felder USA

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Title Annotation:CNC Machining
Author:Koenig, Karen M.
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Date:Jun 1, 2013
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