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CMM7 and nonwovens.


As in past years, the Seventh Converting Machinery/ Materials Conference and Exposition (CMM7), held in early September in Chicago, IL, received mixed reviews from the dozens of companies exhibiting that supply the nonwovens industry. With most exhibitors making information available on their nonwovens equipment - and others pointing out that the predominantly general converting equipment on hand could be utilized for nonwovens - the consensus once again was that the nonwovens industry is benefitting from the converting machinery advances on display at the biennial show.

Nearly 600 exhibitors took part in CMM7 at the McCormick Place Convention Center. A total of slightly more than 28,000 participants from 74 nations attended the show. Four days of conferences complemented the exhibition, although none of the speakers focused on nonwovens in particular.

The following pages offer a close look at some of the new products introduced at CMM7 and established products highlighted during the four days. Again, while many of them are not particularly nonwovens converting equipment, their general use applications do extend into this specialized segment.

CMC: Tension Control

Cleveland Machine Controls, Cleveland, OH, told attendees that its new Cleveland-Kidder "Tensi-Master" controller is" the only tool needed to set up your tension control system." The user enters the quantity and rating of its transducers, the wrap angle and the maximum tension desired and the system is calibrated. The system eliminates, among other things, any cumbersome weights and scales for system calibration and allows for storage of material and machine data for up to five different end products.

NDC: Thickness Gauging

NDC Systems, Monrovia, CA, provided information on its model 8000 series on-line thickness gauging system for web processes, a scanning system that combines sensor technology with ease of use by means of a 19-inch high resolution color monitor with touchscreen controls and functions. Information was also available on its model 100RHL thickness gauge, a low cost, versatile nuclear radiation gauge used to continuously measure the thickness of weight per area of sheet, film or composite products.

Menzel: Expanders

The familiar "Poly-Band" Expander from Menzel, Spartanburg, SC, was once again at CMM7 being promoted as "the perfect instrument for removing wrinkles from open width materials." The unique operation of the Poly-Band exceeds the combined qualities of the slat expander and bow roll without their built-in maintenance and adjustment problems. The expander incorporates adjustable spreading action, elastic cords, aluminum outer shell, low friction running and minimum space requirements.

Tidland: ESP System

One of the more interesting new products to come out of CMM7 was the "ESP", Electronic Slitter Positioning System from Tidland, Camas, WA. Instead of using individual stepping motors to power each knife holder, ESP has a unique single motor drive system. ESP is also designed so that all cabling and mechanical components are enclosed in a sealed channel, where they are protected against the outside mill environment. The ESP's "brains" are organized with menu-driven software created to make operating the system as easy as possible. Another feature is the ability to position knives simultaneously, in either direction.

Liberty: Equipment

Complete turnkey installations are standard procedures at Liberty Machine, Paterson, NJ, which today designs and builds equipment to produce nonwovens and a range of other textile products. Liberty utilizes powder, hot melt, fusion, water and solvent-based adhesive techniques for its results. Its coating systems are utilized worldwide for the production requirements of products ranging from transfer film adhesives to pressure sensitive tapes. Liberty also has capabilities in reverse roll, gravure, knife over roll, knife gravure, flexo, offset/gravure and curtain coating.

Montalvo: Brakes

Montalvo, Portland, ME, unveiled a number of new products at CMM7. First was its "HPS" brake series, a single disc brake that can dissipate the same amount of heat as Montalvo's standard series double-disc design and can easily be converted for use as a clutch. Montalvo/K-Beb introduced a self-contained transducer designed to be inserted into an idler or guide roll; the new innovation is called the "Flexi-Shaft" Roll Transducer. Also from Montalvo/K-Beb is an improved pneumatic web tension controller "KATC-1" that is roughly equivalent to its standard PC-1 controller.

Fife: Web Inspection

"Alpha 10," billed as "the world's first computerized, modular automatic guiding system," was highlighted by Fife, Oklahoma City, OK. Alpha 10 can set up and operate multiple guides with absolute accuracy; it remembers as many as 99 job set-ups. Also at CMM7 from Fife was its "Scan-A-Web" XL-1000, a menu driven microprocessor for automatic web inspection.

Inta-Roto: Coated Rolls

The "Ceramitron" ceramic coated electronically engraved cylinders, profiled at CMM7 by Inta-Roto, Richmond, VA, use precisely controlled electronic engraving that engraves the roll to a consistent, uniform depth without any roughness or uneven cells. It is designed to provide more consistent ink coverage, better printing quality and superior roll release characteristics.

Bernal: Assembly System

Recipient of the CMM Innovation Award for Converting Equipment System was the CLM Automatic End Assembly Machine from Bernal Rotary Systems, Troy, MI. Also from Bernal was its "Micro Taper Adjust Module," a patented piece of equipment for creasing, sealing or die cutting of nonwovens, sanitary napkins and floppy disks that boasts very accurate, absolute depth control.

Stahlkontor: Slitters

Stahlkontor Machinery, Nashville, TN, focused on its "Encore" 2003 automatic adhesive tape slitter/rewinder at CMM7. The Encore 2003 is promoted as "a highly reliable and fast machine with a minimum cycle time of 35 seconds." It is just being introduced into the U.S. under the Stahlkontor name after having achieved wide acceptance in the European market.

Barber-Colman: Web

Control System

Barber-Colman Indev, Loves Park, IL, highlighted its 6882 high performance web measurement and control system. The 6882 is best applied on continuous web processes where measurement and closed loop control is required for process optimization. Standard system configurations support up to four frames and a total of four scanning sensors on a single process line.

Hydralign: Web Guides

Hydralign, Walpole, MA, displayed its "Hydralign" electric and pneumatic actuation web guide systems and its "Cor-Safe" safety chucks. The Cor-Safe line is designed to provide positive core shaft control and torque transmission for material rolls weighing up to 12,000 pounds. The chucks are available for use with standard square bars of special design core shaft journals.

Southworth: Technology

For Roll Handling

Advanced roll handling technology was highlighted by Southworth Systems, Westbrook, ME, through a video presentation showing how to improve productivity, quality and worker safety through its Advanced Roll and Shaft Handling Systems. Technology features include roll transfer cars, mobile lift-tilt-slide shifting tables, shaft pullers, turntables, upenders, roll ramps, storage stations and roll wrappers.

Mercer: Hot Melt

The "No Char" hot melt adhesive application system was one of the focuses of the attractive display by Mercer, Hendersonville, TN. Features of the No Char high performance series include RTD temperature controls, digital temperature readout, digital pump pressure readout, microprocessor touch pad controls, automatic run/standby controls, electronic level controls, high/low temperature shutdown, starting diagnostics, multiple D.C. drives and multi-station encoding timers.

Accuweb: Edge Detection

"The new age of accuracy is here" boasted Accuweb, Madison, WI, which introduced its "Micro 4000" ultrasonic edge detection system. Among its features for nonwovens: microprocessor-pulsed compensated ultrasonic allows a range of materials to be guided; compensation for minute to extreme variations is achievable; an eight-bit CPU board with multiple edge detector channels allows for expandability; and wide gap edge detector capability eliminates passline variations.

Optima: Packaging

Although focusing more on its equipment for packaging toilet tissue and kitchen towel rolls, Optima, Green Bay, WI (parent company is located in West Germany), was also spreading the word about its diaper packaging equipment. Among them was the Optima SBT 4 automatic welding machine for the closing of filled polyethylene bags. The line was adopted from the Optima LBV high speed series and is designed for small output requirements, repacking lines and as a stand-by machine.

Tokuden: Rolls

The High Accuracy T.I.R. Roll was introduced to the U.S. market at CMM7 by Tokuden, Norcross, GA (parent company is located in Kyoto, Japan). Tokuden's built-in, automatic temperature correcting method, obtained through the heat pipe, can provide high accuracy of T.I.R. at roll operating temperatures and greater uniformity of web thickness. Tokuden also focused on its Hi Tech Roll, which has been adopted for many applications that require surface temperatures under load of 570 [degrees] F to 785 [degrees] F (300 [degrees] C to 420 [degrees] C).

Comptrol: Transducers

Comptrol, Cleveland, OH, displayed its line of force transducers and tension monitors at CMM7. Comptrol Loadcells are precision linear displacement transducers designed for the measurement and control of web tension on continuous strip process lines. Its Loadcells incorporate a linear variable differential transformer to convert strip tension force into a high level A.C. or D.C. output signal that is directly proportional to the strip tension.

Dexter Ecomelt: Adhesives

A relatively new company, Dexter Ecomelt, Rocky Hill, CT, attended CMM7 to spread the word about its hot melt adhesives capabilities. Dexter Ecomelt specializes in hot melt adhesives for the nonwovens and disposables industries. In addition to its line of hot melt adhesive products, Dexter Ecomelt was promoting its "team of professionals" that insures its customers receive small company attentiveness backed by large company resources.

DFE: Tension Brakes

An entirely new line of pneumatic tension brakes was introduced by Dover Flexo Electronics, Rochester, NH. The most obvious advantage of the new DFE brake is the quick change feature of the friction pads. No tools are required and the pads can be changed in seconds. Even the guard does not require tools for removal. Friction pads are available in four friction coefficients.

Nordson: Spray Systems

The Nordson "Flexi-Spray" Series-II Applicator, which provides highly uniform distribution of material for improved end product quality and performance as well as improved material utilization, was featured by Nordson, Norcross, GA. The applicator provides precise application on a variety of organic and inorganic powders as well as selected fiber materials.
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