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CMM Is An Abundant Natural Gas Resource That Is Currently Underdeveloped In Poland, Read More On This Inside 'Potential Of Coal Mine Methane In Poland'.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Potential of Coal Mine Methane in Poland to their offering.

Poland is one of the leading coal producers in the world, ranked seventh with an annual coal production of over 160 million metric tons. Poland has three major Carboniferous coal basins, namely -- the Lower Silesian, Upper Silesian, and Lublin basins. The international boom in coal prices of the past two years, fuelled in part by demand from China, helped turn the balance sheets of the remaining Polish mines from red to black and halted talks of further cuts. The problem Polish mines will continue to face includes the competition from Russian natural gas and from the low-cost coal producers such as South Africa, Australia and the US.

Poland is confronting the need for institutional and regulatory reforms of its energy sector. The situation is compounded by environmental and economic pressures that dictate a reduction in coal consumption, and a significant expansion in the use of oil and natural gas, most of which must be imported. Increased use of coal mine methane (CMM) could reduce economic burdens associated with rising energy imports, and improve financial viability of mines. CMM is an abundant natural gas resource that is currently underdeveloped in Poland. There is great potential for expanded methane recovery and use at Poland's coal mines, and many different options are available for expanding utilization of the CMM recovered from mining operations.

Overall global development potential for CBM/CMM is likely to be realized to its fullest extent in the near term, but still many barriers remain. The most common barrier to development is the lack of comprehensive policies that not only encourage the development of CMM using the technology that is available presently, but policies and funding that cause new approaches to be taken and new technologies to be developed and used. In Poland, the government has recognized the benefits that CMM production can provide and since 1990 much has been accomplished toward encouraging recovery and utilization of this resource. In that respect, Poland is a model for other countries wanting to develop their CMM resources. To ensure continued progress in encouraging CMM development, additional institutional activities that will promote its recovery and utilization are recommended.

Content Outline:

I. Overview of Poland's Coal Industry

a. Production and Consumption

b. Reserves

c. Import and Export Scenario

d. Future Outlook

II. Polish CMM Market

a. Availability of CMM

b. Market Opportunities

c. CMM's Potential in Industrial Sector

III. Challenges and Barriers

IV. Profiles of Major CMM Mines

a. 1 MAJA







V. Future of CMM in Poland

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Date:Mar 12, 2007
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