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CMI course schedule.

CMI Course Schedule

Oct. 7-Jan. 24     Sand & Molding Technology
                     (20-09)                   Internet
Oct. 14-16         Casting Design (21-09)      Schaumburg, Ill.
Oct. 20-Nov. 24    Gating & Riser Design
                     (22-09)                   Internet
Oct. 21-Jan. 24    Melting & Heat Treating
                     of Castings (23-09)       Internet
Oct. 21-Jan. 24    Introduction to
                     Metallurgy (24-09)        Internet
Oct. 22-23         Practical Green Sand
                     Control (25-09)           Williamsport, Pa.
Oct. 28-30         Introduction to
                     Metalcasting (26-09)      Schaumburg, Ill.
Oct. 28            Introduction to Total
  -Jan. 24           Quality Management
                     (27-09)                   Internet
Nov. 4-5           Inoculation Principles of
                     Gray & Ductile Iron
                     (28-09)                   Ellwood City, Pa.
Nov. 4-5           Gating & Feeding of
                     Investment Castings
                     (29-09)                   Schaumburg, Ill.
Nov. 4-Jan. 24     Introduction to
                     Metalcasting (30-09)      Internet
Nov. 12-13         Casting Cost Estimating
                     (31-09)                   Fort Worth, Texas
Nov. 13-14         Analysis & Reduction of
                     Casting Defects (32-09)   Wichita, Kan.
Nov. 17-18         Foundry Leadership Skills
                     Workshop (33-09)          Fort Wayne, Ind.
Dec. 9-11          Induction Melted Cast
                     Iron Processing (34-09)   Pittsburg, Kan.
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Date:Oct 1, 2008
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