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CME questions and answer sheet.

Current Reviews in Rheumatology 2012 Bulletin of the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

Sponsored by the NYU Post-Graduate Medical School

To receive up to 5 CME credits for this activity, complete the evaluation, attestation and post-test answer sheet (minimum passing grade of 70%) and return all pages to:

Joann Carpana

NYU Post-Graduate Medical School

545 First Avenue, 5Q-A

New York, NY 10016

The submission deadline is December 31, 2012.

Please print clearly

Name ____________________ Degree ____________________

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I certify that I have completed this continuing education activity. The actual time I spent on this activity was ________ hours (maximum of 5 hours).

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Post-Test Questions

1. Which of the below is correct about tofacitinib?

a. it has been studied in a single dose of 10 mg twice a day in the phase III trials

b. it has been studied in oral and injectable forms

c. Both 5 mg and 10 mg doses have shown significant slowing down of radiographic progression

d. tofacitinib is a selective JAK inhibitor with functional selectivity for JAK 1 and JAK 3 over JAK 2

2. Which of the below is the first approved biologic agent for SLE?

a. mycophenolate mofetil

b. rituximab

c. belimumab

d. abatacept

3. RAPID3 composite index has all of the components listed below except:

a. patients global assessment of disease activity

b. physician global assessment of disease activity

c. patient pain

d. function

4. Which of the below is not correct?

a. abatacept is the only biologic agent available for RA that has both IV and SC options

b. in a head to head trial, abatacept has been shown to be noninferior to etanercept

c. IV and SC versions have very similar clinical outcomes

d. an IV loading dose is mandated before starting SC abatacept

5. Tocilizumab is:

a. similar in efficacy in a head to head trial to adalimumab when used as monotherapy

b. has been shown to be effective after TNF inadequate responders patients

c. is available as IV infusion and SC injection

d. needs to be started with an IV loading dose at 2 weeks after the initial infusion

6. Obesity appears to be a risk factor for the development of psoriatic arthritis in patients with psoriasis

a. True

b. False

7. Which of the following does not have an FDA approved indication for use in juvenile idiopathic arthritis?

a. etanercept

b. adalimumab

c. abatacept

d. rituximab

8. Which of the following may have beneficial effects on hyperuricemia?

a. fructose

b. purines

c. alcohol

d. dairy products

Post-Test Answer Sheet

Seminar in Advanced Rheumatology 2012
1. () () () ()
 a b c d

2. () () () ()
 a b c d

3. () () () ()
 a b c d

4. () () () ()
 a b c d

5. () () () ()
 a b c d

6. () ()
 a b

7. () () () ()
 a b c d

8. () () () ()
 a b c d
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Date:Jul 1, 2012
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