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CM inaugurates Emergency Services Academy.

LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated the state-of-the-art Emergency Service Academy near Thokar Niaz Baig here on Monday.

The chief minister watched practical training of rescuers in the academy and lauded their high standard of training and professional skills.

He announced regularization of the remaining staff of Rescue 1122 and said their service rules would be formulated by the next month.

Addressing the ceremony of inauguration of Emergency Services Academy and passing out parade of rescuers, he said Emergency Services Academy was a splendid institution as came into action during natural catastrophe and helped out people affected by earthquake or flood with dedication and burning midnight oil.

The chief minister said he had also visited his brothers in the difficult time and felt pleasure to see Rescue 1122 rescuers already present at the scenario and helping out people in times of catastrophe. The training given to the rescuers was of international standard and this fact should be appreciated and this academy could compete internationally as well.

Shehbaz Sharif said although the building of academy was simple but still it was fully equipped and functional. Only those nations progress as use their resources well, he added.

He said the rulers of Punjab during the era of dictator Musharraf imported expensive tiles from India for the construction of Services Hospital instead of recruiting professional highly qualified doctors, nurses and the staff.

If you visit Service Hospital you will witness a big brown marble that had been imported from India, he added. He said:'When our government took the charge in 2008, we tried to stop the import of tiles from India as we believed that highly qualified doctors, paramedical staff and highly equipped machinery is the real requirement of a hospital'. He added importing expensive marble from India was like mocking of poverty of the nation as had been deprived of medicines and other health facilities.

The Services Academy makes us remember the cause for which Pakistan was created where people would be facilitated with health and education facilities, he said and added it will be an extreme oppression for our nation if rulers are indulged in corruption and unscrupulousness while our rescue departments are not fully equipped with latest facilities and people are being deprived of health, education and other basic facilities and rights.

It was the need of the hour for four provinces, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, traders and politicians to join hands to work for humanity and those who were indulged in corruption should be held accountable, he said and added the corrupt should be made accountable on strict terms so that no one in near future could loot nation's resources.

He said the cronies of dictator imported costly stone from neighboring country and they have no sympathy to ailing humanity. Similarly, the cronies of dictator calling Pakistan first made programme of importing marble tiles worth Rs. 900 million for Bab-e-Pakistan from Italy but when he came to power in 2008, he stopped this luxurious expenditure and saved Rs 900 million.

Shehbaz Sharif said the then government looted national wealth mercilessly and today people of that government were leveling baseless allegations and they should be ashamed for it. He said that these were those rulers who spent two billion rupees for converting 8-Club into Chief Minister's House.These misdeeds of those governments, the persons of which were now leveling baseless allegations, he added.

He said these rulers also conducted dacoity on iron ore reserves in Chiniot in 2007 and awarded contract without tender to a fraud company which was cancelled by high court on our request. He added that this tender was given without tendering to a person who was very dear to former rulers.

The chief minister presented salute to the then Chief Justice Lahore High Court Kh Shareef and the existing Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mansoor Ali Shah who gave their decision. He said the cronies of Musharraf committed the worst dacoity by giving contract to the company they liked and now they were leveling allegations which was tantamount to thieves make noise. He said the complete feasibility of the hidden wealth in the land of Chiniot had been made. The experts of China and Germany had told how much wealth was hidden under the land.

He said:' We can earn billions of rupees through selling of

this iron ore' and added the dishonest persons looted the country mercilessly in the past and made the rich nation a poor one

by conducting dacoity on national resources.

Shehbaz Sharif said that Punjab Bank had been made stand on its own feet and now its performance was far better. He said the time had come that the politics of allegations on the basis of facts should be ended and its best method was that all should be held accountable strictly and justice should be done to those who looted the country. He said it was the right of the nation and it should be returned to it.

The chief minister said those talking to take Punjab from us and bringing change here should first lift the waste of Karachi. He said the lights should be returned to the city of lights, Karachi. He added that this country was all of us but first lift the garbage of Karachi and then come to Punjab.

He said that those talking of Punjab should announce to return 60 million dollars deposited in Swiss banks and seek pardon from the nation. He added the nation would give its decision in 2018 elections either it is with Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif or it is with them. He said baseless allegations should not be leveled as it is painful.

He said:' We have to follow the path of hardwork and honesty for serving the ailing humanity. He added:' If we did not sympathize with the ailing humanity such a revolution will come which will ruin all'. He said political leadership, traders and elite will have to come forward for the service of ailing humanity, otherwise, the coming generations will not forgive us.

He congratulated Provincial Minister for Finance, Chief Secretary, DG Rescue 1122 and entire team from the core of its hearts.

The Chief Minister also inspected passing out parade and distributed shields among the rescuers displaying outstanding performance during the course.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
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Date:Mar 28, 2017
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