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CLP + GUN sponge.

I agree with Kyle Lamb's column, "Cleaning Your AR," in the December 2013 issue. ARs have been covered from stem to stern and everywhere in between, except teaching a new shooter to keep them clean. I question using a screwdriver to clean away carbon, the old rule being "metal against metal scratches metal." I do support Lamb's assessment of using plenty of protective lube. I use Break Free's CLP, and it cleans and protects nicely. Adding CLP to a gun sponge will soak up all the grit and carbon buildup your MSR can create. As the carbon collects onto the sponge, you just squeeze it into a paper towel, and it comes clean to use again.

As good as they are for ARs, I use them even more on my pistols and revolvers.--J.C. Tunberg, Moline, Illinois
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Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:May 1, 2014
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