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Byline: George Galloway

AROUND a decade ago I had a boilerplate gag in my speeches, which went something like this: "I'm in favour of us having a special relationship with the United States, I just don't want us to have the kind that Miss Lewinsky had with President Clinton. One sided, undignified, immoral and with the junior partner always on their knees." him", special His "mesmerisingly to themselves "poured around him, an he own "just So stung was Tony Blair by this line, which I repeated endlessly (why change a winning joke?), that he asked me to stop saying it, in the interests of the nation. hurt his are too, impeachment One day I cracked it at the London School of Economics and a woman got up from the fifth row and walked out. It was Miss Lewinsky, briefly studying there (they did admit Gaddafi's son and give him a Phd, which Mr Blair helped him write).

I felt a bit of a heel though, especially when, tottering on her stilettos, she tripped and fell.

A new documentary coming here soon looks at America's "first black president" as William Jefferson Clinton was widely dubbed at the time.

Aides testify that Clinton had "the charisma of a rock star", that "25 women a day would show up looking for him", claiming a Monica-style special relationship. His staff say he was "mesmerisingly irresistible" to women who 'just threw themselves at him' and "poured over him like bees around honey".

Like Jack Kennedy before him, he seems to have had an out-of-control libido and he had these women, in his own words about Lewinsky, "just because I could".

This immorality and the hurt it has to have caused his wife Hillary, unless folks are right when they say that was a "special relationship" too, eventually led to impeachment and the disfiguring of his presidency.

And yet most Americans would like to have him back (me too given the current choices on offer).

He was more keen on making love than war (though he did a bit of that too), the economy boomed and he bested the right-wing conspiracy, which still scars American politics today.

day for Now we have a black president who acts like a dessicated (and very white) calculating machine, who campaigned in poetry but governs in such prolix prose that we run the risk of the rabid Republicans rendering him a one-hit wonder.


SPECIAL J RELATIONSHIP Monica Lewinsky with Clinton at White House in '95
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Date:Feb 13, 2012
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