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"The Web sites expected to survive will be those that combine online shopping's conveniences with the accountability provided by brick-and-mortar stores."

... (Georgia's Augusta Chronicle) ...

"Although many traditional `bricks-and-mortar' retailers are worried about on-line competition, managers at local toy and book stores said sales were strong over the weekend...."

... (Hartford Courant) ...

"Most brick-and-mortar stores' Yuletide won't be dampened by e-commerce competition."

... (San Francisco Chronicle) ...

"But the company collects no sales tax from customers' states where Sierra Trading Post doesn't have brick-and-mortar operations."

... (Cheyenne's Wyoming Tribune-Eagle) ...

"Apparently, the Justice Department doesn't see Web-based business--where the product is information services and entertainment--as different from those with bricks and mortar."

... (Cleveland's Plain Dealer) ...

"[Andre] Malraux, a novelist, philosopher, poet and French culture czar, foresaw a place, independent of bricks and mortar, where ordinary people could access great works of art...."

... (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) ...

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Publication:American Journalism Review
Date:Jan 1, 2000
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