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EMC Corporation, Hopkinton, Mass., has announced that Nielsen Media Research has implemented EMC networked storage and open software to deliver dramatic price/performance gains. The successful implementation has allowed Nielsen Media Research to provide clients with faster access to TV commercial tracking data and supports rapid growth of its customer base - -all at an affordable cost to the company.

Brian Fuhrer, Nielsen Media Research's vice president, product line manager, said, "We need a huge amount of information ready to roll whenever our clients request it. Many of the reports that we regularly process contain millions, sometimes billions of advertising occurrences. The speed of information access is critical in providing timely data to our existing client base while allowing us to expand and service new customers."

Fuhrer added, "With EMC CLARiiON(R) networked storage systems, we were able to implement a new infrastructure that effectively quadrupled our processing capabilities -- while allowing for continued expansion. We utilized its intelligent storage capabilities to centralize multiple copies of our database. For clients, we reduced job turnaround time by 90 percent. The CLARiiON CX system facilitated the database distribution portion of this project that resulted in a huge victory for our business and our products."

Nielsen Media Research utilizes a CLARiiON storage area network (SAN) comprising CLARiiON CX600 systems to provide centralized information storage for the Nielsen Monitor-Plus service running on Sun Solaris servers.

With headquarters in New York City, Nielsen Media Research is also implementing EMC Symmetrix(R) DMX networked storage systems for a data warehouse that provides intelligence on audience share of TV advertising. Nielsen's CLARiiON CX and Symmetrix DMX storage infrastructure provides consolidated storage to Sun Solaris and HP servers.

Nielsen employs EMC ControlCenter(TM) to provide centralized and cost-efficient management of its networked storage infrastructure. Nielsen also implemented EMC PowerPath(TM) software to further improve storage administration efficiency and availability.

Marty LeFebvre, Nielsen Media Research's vice president, technology strategy, "EMC ControlCenter has helped us put our storage utilization into one view and connect all of the pieces. We're using it to fine-tune the performance and availability of our EMC CLARiiON SAN to even higher levels. Our overall storage management is much more efficient and we're able to add more storage capacity more easily and rapidly than we could before."

As part of the company's next storage project, Nielsen will implement EMC SnapView(TM) local replication software to increase backup performance through the creation of multiple concurrent copies of Sybase databases. Nielsen is also planning to utilize SnapView technology to facilitate incremental backups, which will accelerate the backup and restore process. In addition, the company is evaluating EMC SAN Copy(TM) software to facilitate data mobility between CLARiiON systems and Symmetrix.

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