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Clarify Medical has unveiled the Clarify Medical Home Light Therapy System, an FDA-cleared home phototherapy system for the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting in San Diego later this week.

The Clarify System is the first and only phototherapy system that uses an app on the patient's smartphone (iOS or Android) to manage the dose, frequency, and duration of UVB light therapy, helping to ensure that patients are adherent to the prescribed treatment. The regimen is prescribed by the physician but monitored and controlled by the Clarify software. The physician can monitor the patient's results as well as adjust, renew or discontinue the patient's regimen through the Clarify portal or by working with Clarify Medical's CarePartner team. The patient can only administer treatment in accordance with the protocol prescribed by the physician.

The Clarify Mobile App syncs to a proprietary, lightweight handheld device which guides patients through delivering targeted narrowband UVB phototherapy treatments for their specific skin condition. All treatment records, including photographs, are available to both the patient and the physician, and can be used for evaluation during follow-up visits.

Clarify CarePartners, trained clinical educators, act as the first line of support for patients coaching them on the use of the system and encouraging treatment adherence greatly reducing the burden of these functions on the physician's practice.

The company completed a controlled study in psoriasis patients in September 2017, demonstrating results comparable to in-office phototherapy. Additional testing with vitiligo patients showed noticeable repigmentation within as little as four weeks.

Home Phototherapy is an effective way to bring pigmentation back to vitiligo lesions, said Amit Pandya, MD, professor of dermatology at UT Southwestern and pigmentary disorders specialist. It stimulates melanocytes to grow, migrate to the white vitiligo lesions and produce melanin, which results in a return of natural color to the skin.

The Clarify System solves problems that have prevented home phototherapy from being widely adopted by providing treatment controls, reducing the physician's workload, and helping to ensure patient treatment adherence, said Rex Bright, Interim President and CEO of Clarify Medical. We're excited to introduce this innovative therapy to the medical community.

Clarify will be demonstrating the Home Light Therapy System at the American Academy of Dermatology Meeting in booth # 1046 at the San Diego Convention Center February 16-18 and at a hospitality reception on February 16 from 5-8 pm at the company's offices at 401 West A Street, Suite 950 in San Diego.

Clarify Medical is a private San Diego-based medical device company focused on developing innovative technology, products and services that improve care for people with chronic skin conditions. Its Clarify Home Light Therapy System is now available nationally in the US.

For more information, visit or call 310/569-0023.

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