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CITY EVACUATES CLUB NEAR METRO RAIL SITE\Owner believes buckling of floor, ceiling cracks tied to tunneling.

Byline: Chip Jacobs Daily News Staff Writer

A North Hollywood nightclub near a huge Metro Rail tunneling site was evacuated and "yellow-tagged" by the city building department Monday after suffering structural damage, officials said.

Isabel Lopez, owner of the El Sombrero nightclub, said she first noticed the sinking floors and cracked bathroom ceiling Friday, and assumed it was caused by the subway tunneling machines operating nearby.

But Monday, she said, the bar-area floor subsided 6 inches, dropping in other spots as well.

"It was like walking down hill," said Lopez, who has owned the club since the 1970s. "I don't know what to do. I'm going crazy. Part of the roof just collapsed."

Bob Martin, deputy superintendent of building with the city's Department of Building and Safety, confirmed the structure in the 4200 block of Lankershim Boulevard was yellow-tagged, meaning only the owner can enter for limited time periods to recover possessions.

He declined to discuss the cause of the problem, but said an engineer reported a portion of the building's cement slab had sunk 5 inches.

MTA spokesman Bill Heard, speaking for the contractor Obayashi Corp., declined to discuss possible causes for the damage, or whether it was related to the tunneling. He said a tunneling machine was used under a street near the nightclub Thursday.

MTA sent its engineers and insurance liability experts to the site Monday, he added.

Besides the buckled flooring, Lopez said the glass near the dance floor had shaken loose. She could not estimate the total damage.

The nightclub is located close to Metropolitan Transportation Authority tunneling work that last spring was questioned after the ground sank and sidewalks fractured near Lankershim. The miscue triggered memories of the major damage caused by street subsidence along Hollywood Boulevard during the summer of 1994.

In North Hollywood, MTA contractor Obayashi Corp. is almost a year behind and $20 million over budget because of the sinkage problems blamed in part on the area's loose soil, the Daily News has reported. To stabilize the earth, the contractor has been injecting chemical grout in front of the tunneling machines working below Lankershim.

Meanwhile, Lopez said, she is one of about 110 area property owners who have already filed suit against the MTA, claiming that the Metro Rail job - and the barricades, closed sidewalks and other inconveniences it entails - has dramatically eaten into her business.
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Publication:Daily News (Los Angeles, CA)
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Date:Mar 12, 1996
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