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CITY ? COUNCIL TAX WILL RISE BY 1.9%; Rowdy budget meeting as Green leader swears.

Byline: LIAM MURPHY ECHO Reporter

RESIDENTS in Liverpool will see their council tax rise by 1.9% in the next year after councillors approved the Labour group's budget plans.

During a sometimes rowdy meeting at Liverpool town hall, councillors clashed over the proposals and Green Party leader John Coyne was forced to apologise after swearing during the debate.

The meeting also saw Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson launch an attack on the Liberal Democrats and say he would quit the Labour party if Ed Miliband went into coalition with the Lib Dems while Nick Clegg remained their leader.

The Green Party put forward an amendment which could have seen council tax rise by 6% in a bid to stave off some budget cuts. Green councillor Tom Crone said: "We know full well know full well W all the cuts can't be reversed by raising council tax but at this moment in time council tax is the one thing we can change".

He added: "A "A" sking for money off people is never easy to do, but in face of these cuts it's the right thing to do".

But this was defeated by the Labour group, who argued the proposals were not viable. Under the budget, council tax will rise from PS1,056.14 for a Band A property to PS1,077.12.

During the meeting, Mayor Anderson said the authority faces an "almost impossible predicament" in coping with increasing demand for services and a "shrinking budget" and accused the coalition government of an "ideological onslaught" in reducing council funding.

Mayor Anderson said he wanted "no special deal for Liverpool - just a fair deal".

He said: "Why is the W Government penalising Liverpool? Well, the plain fact is there are Wnot votes here for Tories, or for Liberal Democrats."

However, after Labour councillor Nick Small accused his party of "colluding and conniving" with the Conservatives Green Party leader John Coyne appeared to shout a swear word at him.

He was asked by the Lord Mayor Erica Kemp to mind his language and she warned other councillors that if there was any more"foul language"they would be removed from the chamber.

Cllr Coyne later apologised.

Later, Mayor Anderson said if after the election the national Labour party goes into coalition with Lib Dems while Nick Clegg is their leader "you can stick my membership card where the sun don't shine".


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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 5, 2015
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