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CIRRUS Removes Barriers to Aircraft Ownership; New CIRRUS ACCESS(TM) Program Designed to Meet Today's Personal Aviation Needs.

DULUTH, Minn. -- Alan Klapmeier, CEO and co-founder of CIRRUS, has often talked about how hard it is for someone to become involved in and enjoy the benefits of personal aviation. Cirrus Design Corporation has announced their revolutionary program designed to deliver what most prospective pilots want - the immediate value and convenience of personal flight, with a clear path through the challenges of ownership, training, operation and maintenance - CIRRUS ACCESS(TM).

Klapmeier stated, "At CIRRUS, our goal is to share the value of flying with future pilots. The industry needs to do a better job promoting aviation to the non-flying public. One way CIRRUS can do that is by offering CIRRUS ACCESS, making it easier, faster and more fun to learn how to fly and own a CIRRUS airplane. In my opinion, there is no better way for a new owner/pilot to get safe utility with their aircraft."

"CIRRUS ACCESS is a practical alternative for a non-pilot owner, or non-current pilot owner, to combine the benefits of real time flight training with reliable, convenient and safe transportation. The ACCESS plan delivers a brand new CIRRUS airplane, flight training, service support - and - a dedicated CIRRUS trained flight instructor who doubles as pilot-in-command until the owner is rated and flight ready," Klapmeier concluded.

CIRRUS Executive Vice-President of Sales & Marketing John M. Bingham said, "CIRRUS has created an entirely new ownership experience - for individuals or groups. CIRRUS ACCESS turns every flight into a training session opportunity. A CIRRUS Professional Pilot (CPP) is assigned to a specific airplane and owner. As a Certified Flight Instructor (CFII), this professional can oversee a training flight or serve as the pilot-in-command at the owner's election. The CPP also serves as the aircraft manager, ensuring maintenance is appropriately scheduled and completed."

The CIRRUS ACCESS program incorporates flight training, licensing, insurance and other details that often overwhelm a prospective pilot. CIRRUS President and COO David Coleal added, "As a new pilot I experienced how hard it was to learn to fly the traditional way. We know that thousands of potential pilots give up their dream of personal flight because they are either too busy or find the many steps to training, licensing and ownership daunting. This program is for them."



CIRRUS is a recognized global leader in the manufacturing of personal aviation aircraft that provide unprecedented levels of performance, quality and safety. The popular SR20 and SR22 composite airplanes incorporate innovative advanced technologies into the design, including the unique CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System (CAPS(TM)). CIRRUS has a direct sales force in North America with sales centers across South America, Europe, China, Australasia, South Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Russia. For additional information on CIRRUS and its products please visit:
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Date:Aug 2, 2006
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