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The subject is almost off topic from your newspaper articles. But I believe you might also have printed the ads at some point and since it is a matter happening in Bahrain, I would like to bring your attention to a malpractice where Bahrain cinema companies edit and alter movie posters to make it seemingly interesting to an ignorant audience.

This letter is specifically written to raise awareness on this issue and with the latest creation of these people, it seems to have gone a bit too far.

Feast your eyes on the movie poster of Lincoln, a biopic of the 14th president of the United States - a man who stood for peace and dedicated his life to passing laws and amendments in the constitution to free the slaves in USA.

A mall leaflet shows him holding a silenced 9mm Glock handgun, which is foolish because the gun only existed since 1982, while Abraham Lincoln was assassinated back in 1865. And the quote on the poster says 'I cannot tell a lie, you are going to die'.

Now this sort of manipulation is highly regarded as an insult to a man, often quoted by almost all historians as one of the greatest personalities in the world. This is not freedom of speech, this is also a violation of the very same right in order to attract viewers and make money. However, I think instead of promoting the movie, such a poster would rather negatively affect it.

I have seen the same happening with other good movies in the past.

Kiran Bhaskaran Edathody

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Feb 4, 2013
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