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CIME L@bs Participates in the VIVIAN Project.

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PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 4, 2001

The VIVIAN project, a two-year advanced development project within the European ITEA (Information Technology For European Advancement) framework, was officially kicked-off in Helsinki earlier this year and CIME has now officially started the project, together with French partners Memodata, INRIA and INT.

Headed by Nokia, VIVIAN comprises the major players of the European mobile computing arena as well as a number of research institutes and SMEs from five European countries. The objective of the VIVIAN project is to provide a high-level platform for handheld terminals and PDA devices (such as the "communicators" and "smartphones" produced by Nokia, Ericsson and Psion) which will enable the production of third-party software applications. To reach this objective, the VIVIAN project combines Symbian's EPOC operating system for PDAs with a lightweight version of OMG's CORBA in order to provide a platform based on full-fledged component technology, extensible as required according to the application needs. Thus, third-party vendors are enabled to produce their own components that enhance the platform's functionality and support the specific needs of their applications. CIME is contributing its competence in banking and ticketing applications to the VIVIAN project.

"The participation in VIVIAN is completely in line with the CIME ambition of playing a major role in advanced mobile applications," says Harm Smit, responsible for Advanced Projects in the CIME Group.

"We are aiming at future mobile applications for banking and ticketing that will be state-of-the-art when the next generation of mobile networks arrives at maturity."

About CIME Group and CIME L@bs

CIME Group, headquartered at 4-6 Boulevard Jacqmain, Brussels, is a network of IT companies founded in 1991, present in France, Belgium, Germany, India and Mali, with over 150 highly skilled specialists and a consolidated turnover of 15 M Euro in Europe. The CIME offering line includes products and services enabling secure transactions, with major banks in the reference list. CIME has a strong profile in mobile applications and smart-card solutions with a payment system for smart-card based bankcards using card reader equipped GSM phones.

CIME L@bs, the Paris and Brussels based spearhead for new technologies, is a CIME Group subsidiary. CIME L@bs is responsible for transversal functions in the CIME Group, notably communication, creation of new subsidiaries, participations in start-ups, technology watch and Advanced R&D Projects. With CIME L@bs, the CIME Group is represented in major projects at the European level.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 4, 2001
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