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CIMA seeks interventionist studies.

The institute is inviting proposals for interventionist research projects--ie, those in which the researcher is an active participant. Projects should involve co-operation between academics and practitioners to find solutions to real management accountancy problems. The aim is to make management accounting research more useful for organisations. The initiative should also increase understanding of the benefits of interventionist research and identify its future potential.

Most proposals will probably be based on long-established partnerships between academics and practitioners, but we will also consider inquiries from researchers without such relationships who have expertise or interest in interventionist research. We also encourage inquiries from practitioners who are sponsoring an initiative in their organisation and would like to work with an academic using this approach.

Proposals could cover any issues relevant to management accounting and the rote of the accountant in business, but ideally they should fit CIMA's technical agenda or research strategy. Topics that could be explored include: organisations without boundaries; technological developments; outsourcing and business partnering; organisational growth/contraction; or technical modifications to management accounting systems.

We expect research to be close to locally based collaborations and to focus on a clearly defined issue. Research teams can be from any country and the organisation can be a company, charity or public-sector body. A typical project would run for about a year, including three months to prepare, six months in the organisation and three months to write up the findings. The academic must be able to spend time in the team in the organisation. CIMA can negotiate to buy teaching time for four to six months for the project.

The findings are likely to be widely publicised, either through standard CIMA research output or as a learning document. Application forms can be found at For more details, contact the CIMA technical team on +44 (0)20 8849 2275 or e-mail The first deadline for proposals is October 30. This will be followed by a review-panel day in late 2006.A second deadline for proposals will be February 28, 2007, with a panel in spring 2007.
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Publication:Financial Management (UK)
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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