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CIMA's CEO addresses US summit. (Institute News).

Charles Tilley, CIMA's chief executive, appeared at the Financial Executives Summit in Florida with Lou Dobbs, an anchor for CNN. Speaking at a panel discussion on corporate governance and business risks, Tilley discussed the impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation on UK companies with international offices and emphasised the importance of good quality reporting.

"It is as important to report the non-financial measures as it it to report the financial ones," he told the audience of 800 financial directors. "What we need to aim for is integrated information, dissemination and communication that enables management to work effectively, the board to make good strategic decisions and shareholders to understand the risks and opportunities that a company faces," he said.

The Financial Executives Summit May 2003 was attended by around 800 finance directors from companies around the US.

Council member required

Casual vacancy, area 4

Notice is given that, as the council member in electoral area 4 (West Midlands), John Perry, has retired, a new candidate is sought to represent area 4 on council. The casual vacancy will be until the close of the AGM 2004, as prescribed by bye-law 39(b). At the close of the AGM 2004, the successful candidate may stand for re-election for a further three-year term, in accordance with bye-law 38. Nominations for candidates to fill this casual vacancy may be made by any six or more members (three of whom must be fellows) whose official addresses (see note 1, below) are in area 4.


Nomination forms for candidates, who must be fellows of the institute, may be obtained from the head of secretariat, Jackie Holmes, at 26 Chapter Street, London SW1P 4NP, or from All area and branch secretaries in area 4 hold copies of nomination forms. Nominations must be received, on the prescribed form (faxes are acceptable, but must be followed by the original), by the chief executive at 26 Chapter Street, London SW1P 4NP, by noon on 23 June.


If more than one candidate is nominated for a vacancy, a postal ballot will be conducted. Ballot forms will be sent to each member in the area(s) concerned. Members who wish to vote should return their form in the envelope provided to the chief executive by the due date for receipt of votes.

Note 1

A member's official address is normally their correspondence address. Where a member wishes to use their work address instead, so that they have a voting address in the electoral area concerned, they should notify the chief executive without delay. This may also apply to members who wish to stand for election in the area in which they work rather than reside.

Intending council members should note that all reasonable expenses incurred in the fulfilment of their duties as council members, should they be elected, will be reimbursed. They should also note that bye-law 34(b) states that, subject to certain exceptions, "no payment of any kind shall be made by the institute to any member of the council of the institute, or to any firm or company of which a council member is a partner or a director, as the case may be, or in which a member has any interest". The head of secretariat, Jackie Holmes, can provide further details on request.

Elections to council 2003

Area 12 (South-East England)

Christine Macsween has been elected to sit on council until the AGM in 2006.
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Title Annotation:UK companies and Sarbanes-Oxley; meshed brief
Publication:Financial Management (UK)
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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