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CIA spies listened to Diana's love secret; Phone snoop exposed.

AMERICA'S spy chiefs admitted last night they snooped on Princess Diana for years - and learned some of her most intimate love secrets.

They picked up much of their information by eavesdropping on private telephone conversations between the princess and her trusted friend Lucia Flecha de Lima, wife of Brazil's ambassador in Washington DC. In the calls, it is said, Diana poured out her heart about her romances with Pakistani doctor Hasnat Khan, playboy Dodi Fayed and others.

The US Central Intelligence Agency is believed to have passed reports on Diana to her enemies in British intelligence.

But all three American spy organisations - the CIA, National Security Agency, and Defence Intelligence - are thought to have tracked the princess on her frequent visits to the US and sometimes elsewhere.

They are claimed to have monitored virtually every aspect of her troubled life - even phone calls about her plans for sons William and Harry.

The NSA confirmed yesterday there was a l,056-page dossier of information on the princess.

But they refused to release the dossier, claiming it is still classified as top-secret more than a year after the car crash death of Diana and Dodi.

A spokesman at NSA headquarters in Maryland said: "Making the documents public could cause exceptionally grave damage to national security."

But sources say the top-secret classification was made simply to keep the lid on the way the spies gathered the information.

They add that the NSA was aided in the operation by the CIA and the Defence Intelligence agency which is run from the Pentagon military HQ.

The existence of the dossier was disclosed by a US news agency seeking the release of the files under the Freedom of Information Act.

A spokesman for Lucia Flecha de Lima said last night: "We never comment on her private life."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 10, 1998
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