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 HIGHLAND PARK, Mich., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time since it re-entered the international marketplace in 1987, Chrysler (NYSE: C) broke the 100,000 yearly retail sales barrier in sales outside North America in 1993.
 Retail sales totaled 105,849 units for a 45 percent increase over calendar-year 1992. Chrysler Corporation had total international sales of 132,123 units, including wholesale CKD shipments and sales to U.S. military personnel outside of North America, for the January through December period, a 26 percent increase over 1992.
 Chrysler's minivan, called the Chrysler Voyager in most markets outside North America, remained the single highest selling retail unit for the company internationally. Minivan sales for 1993 were 33,895 units, compared to 26,695 units in 1992.
 The Voyager was followed by the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, respectively. Cherokee sales increased 41 percent to 24,837 for the year, while Grand Cherokee, in its first full year on the international market, closed the year with 11,025 units sold.
 "We're finding that, as the world gets smaller and smaller through mass communications and transportation technology, automobile markets worldwide are becoming more and more similar," said Thomas C. Gale, Vice President of Design and International Operations for the company. "We're seeing the vehicles that are popular in North America are also popular in markets outside this region.
 "Quality, vehicle packaging and superb dynamics are all reasons to buy a product in any market worldwide," he continued. "And as we get more involved in these international markets, we find that some attributes that are prerequisites for entry in Europe, for example, can make the car better for the North American buyers as well.
 "Chrysler International is fast becoming a two-way street. The sales going out help our bottom line, and the input from our international customers is making our products better all the way around," he said.
 Europe continued as the largest retail market for Chrysler and Jeep vehicles in 1993, followed by the Asia-Pacific Region, the Latin American Region and the Middle East, respectively.
 Retail sales in Europe increased by 35 percent for the year, despite a very sluggish market. Germany led the region with sales of 15,528 units, a 16 percent increase over 1992. France, Switzerland and Italy followed Germany with sales of 10,128; 5,494 and 5,240, respectively.
 In the Asia-Pacific Region, Taiwan was the volume leader, with sales of 9,123, or an eight percent increase. Japan had an astounding 377 percent increase over 1992 to close 1993 with sales of 5,078, due primarily to the right-hand-drive Jeep Cherokee.
 "While we're proud of the work our distributor and sales people have done in Japan," Gale noted, "we still need to put that growth into perspective. Our market penetration does not indicate that we have full market access in Japan. We believe that full access to the Japanese market is needed to ensure substantial future growth."
 Total Asia-Pacific sales were 21,599 for the year.
 Venezuela led the Latin American Region with retail sales of 6,432 units for 1993, including the retail sales of kits assembled at Chrysler's plant in Caracas. Other markets in Argentina, Columbia and Puerto Rico began operations later in 1993 and closed the year with combined sales of 5,022 vehicles.
 In the Middle East, Chrysler sales increased 12 percent for the year to 9,785. Saudi Arabia led the region with sales of 4,176 units, followed by Kuwait and the United Arab Emirate, with sales of 2,300 and 1,269, respectively.
 Wholesale shipments of Complete Knock Down (CKD) kits increased in Egypt and Venezuela, but were off significantly in China. Total shipments for the year were 19,946, a decrease of 23 percent. Venezuela posted a 39 percent gain to 3,816 units and Egypt closed the year with 2,592 shipments, compared to 792 in 1992. Shipments to China decreased by 50 percent to 10,442 units, due primarily to tight monetary controls in the People's Republic and a stagnant economy.
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