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1. Who is the real life father of actress Mary Crosby who played Kristen Sheperd in Dallas?

2. What was Emily Bishop's maiden name in Coronation Street?

3. Who claimed to have spotted a UFO in Coronation Street in 1984?

4. Which character was abducted by aliens in popular American 1980s soap Dynasty?

5. In EastEnders, who inadvertently killed his own son by tampering with Mark Fowler's bike?

6. Who had an incestuous relationship with his sister in

7. Which two celebrities turned up on Brookside to open Grants' Restaurant?

8. What was the title of the soap set in a busy covered market in Manchester?

9. EastEnders Todd Carty and Susan Tully went to which fictional school?

10. Which hospital drama started life in 1957 as Calling Nurse Roberts?


1. Bing Crosby. 2. Nugent. 3. Curly Watts. 4. Fallon Carrington. 5. Nick Cotton. 6. Scott Windsor. 7. Lily Savage and Lloyd Grossman. 8. Albion Market. 9. Grange Hill. 10. Emergency - Ward 10.


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Date:Dec 16, 2007
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