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CHP 2011 Conference: Grid Strain Solution Cuts Energy Waste and Business Costs.

Energy efficient, on-site generation cuts fuel costs and increases energy security

HOUSTON -- Texas business and energy leaders review and discuss technological developments in combined heat and power systems and related micro-turbine equipment at the CHP 2011 Conference and Trade Show October 17-19, 2011 in Houston, Texas. CHP systems, also known as cogeneration, reduce fuel costs associated with on-site power generation using natural gas or biogas by taking full advantage of waste-heat recovery to significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce grid strain. The CHP 2011 Conference provides a venue for forming valuable business alliances and staying current on regulations, incentives, grants, and project opportunities.

On-site generation with CHP provides energy security during times of grid strain and extreme weather conditions. By providing secure reliable power, these technologies are gaining favor at hospitals, universities, data centers, manufacturers, and other mission critical facilities. CHP systems also help reduce the enormous amount of water consumed by power plants during the production of electricity. Prime examples of CHP installations in Texas include:

* Three weeks after installation of a CHP system, Texas A&M reported a $250,000 initial savings from reduced energy costs.

* In one year the University of Texas CHP system increased efficiency by 87% and was able to pay for $150 million in efficiency improvements through savings in fuel costs.

Federal tax incentives encourage use of CHP helping reduce dependency on foreign fuels and promote growth of clean energy technology. CHP systems meet the requirements of Texas law regulating energy security for mission critical facilities and are considered a green building solution that drives emission reduction. In compliance with recently passed legislation (HB3268), Texas is currently writing new air permitting rules that will recognize the emission reduction and energy efficiency benefits of CHP.

Key CHP 2011 sponsor General Electric (GE) recently announced $3 billion in new equipment orders including CHP related equipment such as heavy-duty aeroderivative gas turbines, waste-heat recovery solutions and plant optimization technologies. A tour of the GE Energy's Houston area aeroderivative gas turbines assembly facility in Jacintoport will be provided as a part of CHP 2011.

Dan Bullock, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy's Gulf Coast Clean Energy Application Center, said, "While often overlooked, combined heat & power technologies are a significant part of the Texas clean energy story. Implementation of additional CHP is a logical step for Texas to comply with emerging environmental regulations while adding jobs and increasing the competitiveness of our industry."

CHP 2011, the industry's conference and trade show, will be held at the Westin Galleria in Houston beginning Monday, October 17.

The Texas Combined Heat & Power Initiative (TXCHPI) is a non-profit association of business interests that supports clean, energy-efficient, CHP technology applications in industrial, commercial and institutional settings. TXCHPI champions CHP as the most effective, economical and environmentally sensible energy option for Texas.
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