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    After she handwashed
   in a mint green pail
   eleven pairs
   of black tights
   then hung them
   on the PVC clothesline
   out back, she found
   the early evening
   air grew too
   chilly so went
   in to read more
   on her Kindle
   though her currently
   difficult husband
   was also within,
   "divided between
   the impulse to
   laugh aloud
   and the equally
   impulse to burst
   into scornful
   invective," and so
   from the corner
   of her eye she
   didn't notice beyond
   the window
   four deflated legs
   twining into helixes
   while others kicked
   out at the too close
   cement block wall,
   risking catching
   and tearing holes in
   their nylon silk blend.
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Author:Fried, Daisy
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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