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CHOCCY-MAD MUM STABBED PARTNER UNTIL KNIFE BROKE; Trial jury is shown gruesome evidence.

A MOTHER carried on plunging a knife into her partner's body even after she had killed him in a frenzied attack, a court heard yesterday.

Adele Early used so much force in the attack she finally snapped the knife, the High Court in Perth was told.

The 26-year-old mother of two killed her lover David Riddler by stabbing him straight through the heart.

Forensic expert Dr Eleanor Adams, 26, said the knife had gone eight inches into his heart and out the other side.

She said the wound would have killed the 23-year-old Perth man within two minutes, regardless of other injuries.

She went on to detail how Mr Riddler had been stabbed at least six times with the same blade.

A jury were shown gruesome pictures of the injuries as the doctor described how Mr Riddler's body was covered in cuts.

She said his face had also been slashed and his nose had been broken by the force of a blow.

The court heard how the broken blade was found lying next to Mr Riddler's bloodsoaked body in Early's home in Perth.

Dr Adams said stab wounds on the victim's back were likely to have been inflicted when he was already dead.

Cuts and bruises on his arms indicated he had been trying to fight off his attacker, she added.

The court also heard from PC David Hastings, the first policeman at the bloodstained scene of the Mr Riddler's death.

He said: "There was a very large amount of blood around the place. There was no more blood left to bleed."

The trial had already heard how Early, whose second child was Mr Riddler's, had bullied him for chocolate and cash.

The overweight accused, who told police she had acted in self-defence after Mr Riddler raped her, was also said to be heavier than her victim.

Mr Riddler, who was around six feet tall, weighed around 11-stones, and was of a slim build.

Dr Adams said analysis of the injuries showed that the serrated blade had been twisted around inside his body.

The court heard how Early was often heard screaming at Mr Riddler in the terraced house they shared on and off.

After killing him, witnesses told how she ran out into the street shouting: "I've murdered him. I've killed him."

They described how she then threatened to do the same to a 15-year-old neighbour who refused to let her use his phone.

The teenager told how Early said she had killed once already and would have no problem doing it again.

Early denies murdering Mr Riddler the week before Christmas last year by stabbing him at her home.

She also denies a second charge of breaching the peace by threatening to kill her 15-year-old neighbour.

The trial, before Lord Johnstone, continues.
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Author:Mackay, Caitlin
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 8, 2000
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