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CHOC AND AWE; Expert High in sugar.. and price; BIG BUT NOT CLEVER.. SWEETS HAVE GONE HUGE.

Byline: Jane Barrie

They've been fun size, standard size, king size and family size But now some of the country's favourite sweets are being produced planet-sized.

There are Toblerones you could climb with crampons. Galactic Galaxy bars. And Jelly Babies you can only hope were delivered by C-section.

Dieticians have warned of the calorific timebomb lurking in the giant confections.

A single triangle of the biggest Toblerone being sold on supermarket shelves contains more than 2000 calories - meaning the slice has more than a woman's recommended daily intake.

The PS57 bar is more than 2ft long and, weighing in at 4.5kg (almost 10lb), is bigger than the average newborn baby.

It's rivalled by a PS15 Galaxy weighing 1.17kg, Dairy Milk at 850g and two 800g gummy sweets - a giant jelly baby and cola bottle - at PS10 each.

Matt Smith, professor of health history at the University of Strathclyde, said: "Novelty and gimmick value is clearly a factor as well as the man versus food trend.

"From a manufacturer's point of view, the profit margin is higher on the giant versions than on the standard variety. That's why they are out there for sale. So, in value-for-money terms, as a food product, they are a rip-off."

The Toblerone costs almost double what you'd pay for the same amount of chocolate in standard 150g bars at PS1 each - you can buy 4.5kg of Toblerone for PS30.

The other sweets are also up to 60 per cent more expensive than their smaller equivalents.

Smith calculated the amount of sugar per 100g, then converted that to the number of teaspoons per serving. He also looked at additives and any warnings.

He said: "I don't want to be a party pooper but they're all high in sugar, calories and, for the chocolate, saturated fat."

Mondelez International, who produce the 4.5kg Toblerone - available from Morrisons, Tesco and Amazon - said: "This is a special-edition product that is only available at Christmas. It's a novelty item intended for sharing."

Morrisons said: "This is the first time we've stocked the giant Toblerone. We think it is the perfect fun present for any chocolate lover."

I was like Cat that got the cream

Sunday Mail columnist Cat Harvey struggled to get her teeth round the sweets.

She said: "You could get a flight to Switzerland for less than the price of that Toblerone.

"It's huge - you'd need garden tools to work your way through it. I wouldn't even know where to start."

But the self-confessed chocaholic soon got down to business. She added: "Chocolate is the thing that makes me happiest in life.

"My dream holiday would be a two-week all-inclusive trip to Cadbury World.

"As a kid, I would have been over the moon if Santa had brought me this massive Toblerone.

"But it's not my go-to favourite now. These huge Galaxy and Dairy Milk bars are the stuff of dreams."

But Cat wasn't impressed by the jelly baby, which was 200 times bigger than normal.

She said: "It looks freaky, like it could come alive at night. I don't like it at all."

Overall, she thought the sweets were a great idea to bring families together.

She said: "You could have mum and dad at one end and kids at the other. I wonder how long it would take to meet in the middle."

JELLY BABY 800g, PS9.99, Co-op Calories per sweet 2400 Sugar per sweet 120tsp Cost in standard sweets PS6.23 Mark-up PS3.76 - 60 per cent TOBLERONE 4.5 kg, PS57, Morrisons Calories per bar 24,075 Sugar per bar 669tsp Cost in standard bars PS30 Mark-up PS27 - 90 per cent DREAM JOB Cat bites into the giant Toblerone - but she preferred the huge bars of Dairy Milk and Galaxy Pictures Victoria Stewart GALAXY 1.17kg, PS15, Debenhams Calories per bar 6388 Sugar per bar 161tsp Cost in standard bars PS11.14 Mark-up PS3.86 - 35 per cent GIANT GUMMI COLA 800g, PS9.99, Co-op Calories per sweet 2400 Sugar per sweet 120tsp Cost in standard sweets PS7.60 Mark-up PS2.39 - 31 per cent


WARNING Prof Smith
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Date:Dec 3, 2017
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