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Chivas Regal 18 in Phnom Penh has created a private club for selected Cambodian business leaders. Launched on January 16, 2014, the Chivas 18 Business Elite campaign hosts exclusive events that offer more than just networking.

The latest event invited members to attend a seminar by Feng Shui master Albert Ee at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra. In addition to private sessions for business advice, Mr. Ee explained why the club is so lucky.

"I use Feng Shui; the date of a person, the date of an agreement, shows how well the project will look. The [club launch] date itself, the 16th of January is an extremely good date," he said. Not only the date of the club is auspicious, but also the number in its name.

"In my seminars, I talk about 1, which is the most aggressive. 8 is always the business number. 1 plus 8 becomes 9, which is the number of compassion. It is a very balanced combination," said Mr. Ee.

Mr. Nathan Gan, Cambodian rep office manager for Pernod Ricard Singapore, agreed, "Master Ee mentioned the power of the number 18. In Chinese, the number 8 is also very popular. There are a lot of Chinese people here in Cambodia. The Cambodian people also believe in a lot of Chinese beliefs as well, such as sup fatt - meaning guaranteed success." Sup fatt is originally a Cantonese term for the number 18. As with most Chinese words, it has more than one meaning. "The Chinese have got a very interesting way of interpreting 18. The Chinese expression for 18 is sup fatt, also meaning success together. It is success as a group," said Mr. Ee.

"We wanted to really emphasize the number 18, with a focus towards Cambodian and Chinese people together for success," Mr. Gan said.

"We started the Chivas 18 Business Elite campaign to honor the first 18 business leaders within Cambodia. Not that they are the only business leaders, but we wanted 18 to begin with. We will be looking to grow and expand this group as well," he said.

The Chivas 18 Business Elite was formed as an exclusive, by invitation only club. "We set the judging of our team here with our team in Singapore, and we go through all the people that we find suitable to be part of this membership of Chivas 18," said Mr. Gan.

"There is the usual process of talking to them about it and seeing whether they are interested in joining. We explain this is what you can get into, this is what we offer and it's a nice handshake," he said.

The launch event was a dinner bringing 18 business leaders together. "The most recent occasion was leaning towards business with personal Feng Shui advice, and our next event will lean more toward lifestyle, exclusively for business leaders," said Mr. Gan.

The numerology of Feng Shui has a "destiny" and a "vibration" from 1 through 9, each with a different personality or character trait. Mr. Ee said that the number 1 is a recurring number in business leaders. "1 is supposed to be the most aggressive, determined, ambitious of numbers. So, it gives the character more oomph and more push. It means they are more assertive than numbers 2-9, so usually a lot of successful people, you find them a 1 or an 8," he said.

"8 is the business number. For example, a person could be a very passive player. He sees the opportunity within the environment he is in," Mr. Ee said.

"The 18 combination is perfect. These become a 9. You might be the most powerful, successful businessman, but if you don't have a sense of compassion and integrity within your own, you will find that you can be a leader, but with no respect. So the 9 is the sense of compassion," he said.

Mr. Ee added, "In Khmer when they welcome you, they always talk about this; 1 plus 8 and the balance of the 9."

Chivas Regal also offers whisky matured for 12 and 25 years, in addition to the 18 year variety. "About the 12 years, the 18 years and the 25 years, the 12 is the beginning of the drinker, a young generation starting to drink, while the 18 becomes the more enterprising, the more business, the more energetic, the more aggressive business level," said Mr. Ee. "Whereas the 25, [is enjoyed by] the businessman who has already surpassed the 12 and the 18 and now takes business in a more relaxing way," he said.

Mr. Gan shared the brand's campaign, which is complimentary to the Feng Shui interpretation, "In terms of the whisky, 12 years is the flagship of Chivas Regal. The 18 years is definitely the next level up, more serious. The 25 is the pinnacle of Chivas Regal."

Mr. Ee has practiced Feng Shui for 23 years. Based in Malaysia, he travels the world giving seminars on feng shui, numerology and metaphysical studies.
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