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 NOVATO, Calif., Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The Software Toolworks Inc. (NASDAQ: TWRX), a leading publisher of education, edutainment and multimedia software, today announced the shipment of "Mario's Time Machine(TM)," a history learning adventure for children ages seven and up. This is the second title released in the Mario Discovery series, a line of engaging educational adventures featuring the popular Super Mario Bros.(TM) characters, licensed from Nintendo. "Mario's Time Machine," is available through retail locations nationwide on MS-DOS floppy diskette for a suggested list price of $59.95. Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R) and NES(R) versions will be available in December for suggested list prices of $69.95 and $49.95 respectively.
 "Mario's Time Machine" promotes learning by encouraging the child to explore. Software Toolworks engineers worked with child development specialists on the Mario Discovery series to create a line of products which builds on critical thinking skills and actively involves the child in the learning process. The Software Toolworks has years of experience in creating discovery-based educational products such as the award- winning "The Miracle(R) Piano Teaching System" and "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!(R)," said Ed Bernstein, Sr. vice president marketing/edutainment.
 "Mario's Time Machine" teaches history by immersing children in an adventure that is set in real eras of the past. Each scene is loaded with historically detailed animations to recreate an accurate look of the times. The child is rewarded for using information to solve puzzles and set historical events in motion. The adventure is exciting and the historical puzzles challenging, so much so that you may want to join your children as they hop on the time machine with Mario to meet famous people, unscramble 24 different historical events, and thwart Mario's nemesis, Bowser.
 Bowser's Back!
 Once again Bowser is scheming, this time to change the course of history! Mario must undo Bowser's evil work and keep history as we know it on track. Bowser and his army of Koopas are assembling a "time museum" by stealing items critical to historical events such as Magellan's astrolab, Thomas Edison's light bulb, Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Joan of Arc's shield.
 Meanwhile, Mario must sneak into the museum, grab the artifacts, and jump onboard the Timulator to "time surf" back in history. Return stolen objects to their rightful places and times -- and put Bowser and his plans out of commission. But, return them to the wrong era and you are tossed into prehistory where you and Mario dodge bullets, catch Pterodactyl eggs, and hopefully get a ride with Yoshi back to the Timulator to start again!
 An on-line dictionary is always available to explain the meaning of new words. Original music at each location reflects the flavor of the era, and 256 color graphics bring history to life!
 Mario Products from Software Toolworks
 The Mario edutainment product line is available on multiple platforms, in multiple languages, for world wide distribution (except Japan), for use in both the home and the classroom. The Mario Discovery Series includes "Mario's Time Machine(TM)" and "Mario Is Missing!(TM)" Both products are targeted for children 7 years old and above. Mario's Early Years!(TM) products are for children ages 3 to 6 years. The series includes, "Mario's Early Years!(TM) Preschool Fun," "Mario's Early Years!(TM) Fun with Numbers," and "Mario's Early Years!(TM) Fun with Letters." All products feature Nintendo's famous Super Mario Bros. characters in fun and engaging adventures that teach children important learning, cognitive, and social skills.
 System Requirements
 DOS-based IBM (or compatible) 386sx or better, 640K RAM required, 1Mb EMS, VGA graphics card, 8Mb hard disk space, sound board strongly recommended (supports most popular sound boards), MS-DOS(R) 5.0 or higher, mouse required.
 A History in Edutainment
 The Software Toolworks has produced award-winning edutainment products since 1986 with the introduction of "The Chessmaster(R)," followed by "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!(R)." In 1990, the company brought "The Miracle(R) Piano Teaching System" to market. All three products feature artificial intelligence (AI) feedback loops that individualize lessons. Each of these perennial award winners has achieved "evergreen" status, consistently ranking number one in their field. In fact, The Software Toolworks recently announced the company has sold over 2,000,000 copies of Mavis Beacon (both disk and CD-ROM formats).
 NOTE: The Software Toolworks Inc. develops, publishes and distributes entertainment, edutainment and educational products for IBM(R) and compatibles, Macintosh(R), CD-ROM DOS, CD-ROM Macintosh, MPC (CD-ROM Windows), 3DO(TM), Sega(TM) CD, Nintendo Entertainment System(R), Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R), Game Boy(R), and Sega(TM) Genesis(TM).
 The Software Toolworks is headquartered in Novato, with offices in Chatsworth, Calif., Naperville, Ill., London, Dusseldorf, Germany, Paris and Castle Hill, Australia. The company is listed on NASDAQ under TWRX.
 All brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Mario's Time Machine, Mario, Mario Bros., Luigi, Koopas, Yoshi and Bowser are trademarks of Nintendo. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.
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