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CHERYL'S BACK - AND SHE'S GETTING LIPPY; The new mum has been getting back to work, creating her first capsule make-up collection for L'Oreal and sharing a fishy beauty secret or two.

For most women, the end of maternity Whleave means a scrabble to find anything suitable to wear and at least a worrying she has terminal baby brain and will never, ever remember how to do her job again. For Cheryl, though?

No such issues. Up she pops, as yummy mummy as can be, strutting along a catwalk at Paris Fashion Week (below right). Quite a return to the day job of, well, being Cheryl.

One Direction boyfriend Liam Payne became proud parents to baby Bear back in March, Cheryl, 34, vanished from the spotlight. While Liam went offpromoting his solo career (and gassing away in interviews about the joys of fatherhood), she has shared just one tantalising glimpse of their son on Instagram and proved almost as elusive herself.

Now, though, it's back to business. This week she's unveiling another happy arrival - her first cosmetics collection for L'Oreal. She's put together (and modelled) three lip kits of matte liquid lippie plus liner, and PS1 from the sale of each will raise funds for Cheryl's Trust to open a Prince's Trust centre in her hometown of Newcastle. The L'Oreal Paris Paint by Cheryl range also includes eye paints (liquid shadows) and eye liners to complement the burgundy, peach and greige lip kits. Here's what she's told us about getting back to work, and life as a glam new mum L'Oreal Paris Paint by Cheryl Infallible Eye Paint in Sunset Goals, PS5.99


How has your make-up and beauty regime changed since having Bear?

Since becoming a mam, my beauty regime has actually gone out of the window. Taking care of a baby 24/7 means make-up is just not practical. It's only been recently that I've had time to start applying make-up again and it's been lovely, actually. I went out for dinner a few weeks ago and it was strange to see myself made up again, but lovely at the same time. Top beauty tips for new mums?

You don't always get time to moisturise, so my top tip for new mums would be to put bath oil in the bath so you don't have to worry about moisturising. I also use coconut oil from head to toe, literally you

can eat it, put it on your hair and your body - it's brilliant stuff.

What are your go-to make-up products when you're pushed for time?

A bit of bronzer, a bit of L'Oreal Paris Telescopic mascara and the peach lip kit from my collection.

BURGUNDY LIP Cheryl says: 'I'd wear this to make more of a statement, or if I wanted to grunge up the look. It's my favourite lip shade as I created this in the labs.' Cheryl is wearing it with: L'Oreal Paris Paint by Cheryl Lip Kit in Peach, PS9.9 9.99 HLIP PEACH LIP Cheryl says: 'I would wear this if I was wearing a colourful outfit, to give a more neutral look on the lips.' Cheryl is wearing it with: th: Do you have any top skincare tips?

Always take your make-up offand moisturise before bed. It's the quality of your skin that is the most important base to ensure your make-up looks the nicest it can be.

Do you have any 'can't live without' products?

Fish oil capsules, because if you're eating right, it will show in your skin.

What is the best beauty tip anyone has ever given you?

Pluck your eyebrows when you've just got out of the shower or bath. Your pores are open, so it's much easier. Which make-up look is your favourite at the moment and why?

Definitely the natural look, because I haven't had time to focus on creating looks with being a new mam, but when I go out I like to create more of a look, whether that's a lip look or an eye look.

How did you decide which lip shade you wanted to create for your L'Oreal collection?

I was obsessed with a dark lip after wearing it to a Vogue 10-year dinner at the end of last year, so I wanted to create something similar but warmer. For someone who's never used a lip kit, what advice do you have for application and for choosing the right shade?

Firstly, use the liner to draw along the outside of the lip line, making sure to not draw over it, just on the very edge. Then apply the lip paint right up to the liner. Just choose the shade for what you want to wear. It doesn't matter - if it works for you, do it. There are no rules, it's preference. What is your favourite product from the collection?

The burgundy lip paint, especially as it's coming into autumn/winter.

NB: Cheryl by L'Oreal Paris Lip Kit in Burgundy, Peach and Greige, PS9.99 each, available now exclusively at Superdrug. Each kit has a matching Eye Paint, PS5.99 and Infallible Waterproof Liner, PS4.99. By donating PS1 per lip kit to Cheryl's Trust, L'Oreal is supporting programmes in the North East, including the Fairbridge Programme, which incorporates its confidence-building 'All Worth It' course GREIGE LIP Cheryl says: 'Greige is like a nude with grey tones, so if I wanted a more nude lip with a heavier eye I'd choose this.' Cheryl is wearing it with: L'Oreal Paris Lip Paint in Nude-ist from Cheryl Lip Kit in Greige, PS9.99 L'Oreal Paris Paint by Cheryl Infallible Gel Liner in Black, PS4.99 L'Oreal Paris Paint by Cheryl Eye Paint in Sassy Squad, PS5.99


Partner Liam with baby Bear

L'Oreal Paris Paint by Cheryl Infallible Eye Paint in Eternal White, PS5.99 L'O e l P i P i t b Ch l I f llibl E P i t

L'Oreal Paris Paint by Cheryl Lip Kit in Burgundy, PS9.99 P

Words: Lynne Hyland. Photography: Cheryl shot by Jonas Bresnan for Paint by Cheryl Lip kit in Burgundy, Peach and Greige.
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Date:Oct 22, 2017
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