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Byline: Shari Low

AND this week's esteemed P.I.S.H. (Pitiful, Indulgent, Snivelling Hypocrisy) award goes yet again to Mrs Cherie Blair.

Remember her - the one who used to whinge to the world about her privacy, yet has now shown that desire for peace, obscurity and solitude by giving an interview to a US magazine in which she deems to give Michelle Obama some pointers.

Asituation that's up there with George Bush lecturing on effective foreign policy.

According to St Cherie of the Eternal Martyrdom, she was "disenfranchised" when she was the PM's missus and believes that "a First Lady can have influence but cannot be seen to have power."

And after an exhausting day in No10 she wanted to say to her Tone: "Look, I've had a hard day too, but I manage to get everything done and be here for you."

Ugh. This is the woman who used her time at No10 as a platform to engage in lucrative public speaking tours, a lucrative law career and sign lucrative publishing deals, all the while moaning about the press, the stress, the finances, the ... sorry, not enough room on the page.

So thank you, Cherie, for giving a new political definition to our celebrity dictionary.

Disenfranchised, noun - the act of using your husband's position to rake in cash while wittering self-indulgent, sanctimonious tosh.


MOAN CHERIE: The former PM's wife has been giving advice to US First Lady Michelle Obama, right; PICTURE: BARRY BATCHELOR
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 19, 2009
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