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Byline: M Maruf Athar-Karachi

This is with reference to the letter 'Bank's clearing system' (Aug 5). I am a retired banker and I am surprised that it takes two days to clear a cheque despite the computerisation of the banking system. Back in time, clearing used to be done twice a day and the fate of the cheques was available the same day. The State Bank of Pakistan should intervene in this matter.


By: Zulqarnain Khoso-Kashmore

_: While the country is in the grip of the Covid pandemic and the government is trying its best to vaccinate the maximum number of people possible, fake vaccination certificates are being sold in Kashmore. The authorities are turning a blind eye to the issue which indicates their collusion with the culprits. The whole thing is like playing with precious lives. The government should immediately look into the matter.


By: Arzish Khan-Sukkur

_: Charity needs a direction in the country. Feeding people on the streets is good, but it is not enough to build a nation. Instead, if the benefactors provide skills and teach the needy something that may help them in being financially stable, they would be contributing to the country's progress. No nation has prospered through charity alone, and no nation should ever plan to take that route.


By: Malik Moazam Mehmood-Lahore

_: This refers to the 7.5 per cent withholding tax (WHT) recently imposed on non-filers' electricity bills worth over Rs25,000. The fact is that it is being levied on many of the consumers who happen to be tax-filers. Apparently, WHT has been imposed without verifying the status of consumers. The revenue officers of the sub-divisions are not responding to public complaints. Such irresponsible conduct by the officials concerned is causing nothing but mental misery. The government should direct the relevant departments to address the issue.

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Author:M Maruf Athar-Karachi
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 8, 2021
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