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CHEP launches new generation quarter pallet.

CHEP, leading provider of pallet and container pooling solutions has introduced a new generation plastic quarter pallet, starting with Germany. This new product is CHEP's answer to the marketplace demand for sustainable cost advantage and efficiency improvements, as well as waste reduction.

CHEP's New Generation Quarter Pallet (P0604B) measures 600x400mm and replaces the existing CHEP quarter pallet (P0604A), which was introduced more than 20 years ago. It includes advanced features that have resulted in improved nestability; superior stability and easier handling. In addition, it attaches more securely and quickly to customers' corrugated-promotional displays.

The CHEP New Generation Quarter Pallet has been intensively and thoroughly validated by independent associations including the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and certified to the GS standard.* Fraunhofer Institute Head of Packaging and Trade logistics, Dr Volker Lange, said: "The resilience of the new CHEP quarter pallet has been extensively tested in the Packaging laboratory of Fraunhofer IML. Here, the static, dynamic and climatic stability of the new design in direct comparison to the former CHEP quarter pallet could be confirmed. The implementation of more than 30 repetitions per test ensures the results are statistically secured".

The P0604B is lighter than the current quarter pallet, weighing about 1.9kg vs. 2.1kg. Reduced nesting height means the new pallet can be stacked 36 high in a truck versus 30 for its predecessor, a 20 percent space-saving which reduces the number of trucks on the road and reduces CO2 emissions. The P0604B will be a certified Carbon Neutral Product, which means that the already-reduced CO2 emissions of the new pallet are fully offset through re-forestation projects.

To determine the need for a new-design quarter pallet, CHEP conducted 'Last Mile Solutions' workshops in seven countries in Europe including Spain, Germany, France, UK and Central and Eastern Europe with manufacturers, retailers and Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)--representing the full spectrum of the industry. The objective of the workshops was to identify inefficiencies in the 'last mile' of the supply chain, where up to 65 percent of supply chain costs are incurred, largely due to both the significant number of varying platforms and the effort required for in-store replenishment.

The resulting P0604B was developed over the last 18 months in the CHEP Innovation Centre in Orlando, Florida, using internal and external expertise and partnerships with key users. CHEP received positive feedback following a pre-launch trial conducted in Germany with 75 customers and partners including manufacturers, retailers, display makers, co-packers and LSPs.

Christophe Campe, Vice President and Country General Manager for CHEP's Pallets operations in Germany, said: "We as CHEP, having 20+ years of market experience, continuously strive to improve customer satisfaction through delivery and collection performance as well as aiming to achieve a consistent cost to serve. Germany is a strategically important market, not just to CHEP but to the European-wide supply chain".

CHEP expects the pallet to be a huge success in Germany, and is excited to extend the solution to other countries in the future, including the Benelux, France, UK, Spain and Poland.

*The Gepriifie Sicherheit ("Tested Safefr) or GS mark is a voluntaty certification mark fir technical equipment. It indicates that the equipment meets German and, if available, European safety requirements fir such devices. The main difference between GS and CE mark is that the compliance with the European safey requirements has been tested and certified by a state-approved independent body.

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