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CHEEKY GIRLS BOUNCE BACK; Twins return after label goes bust.


THE Cheeky Girls yesterday revealed they found out their record label had gone bust in a newspaper.

Gabriela and Monica Irimia said they were so heartbroken when Telstar went into liquidation they almost gave up showbiz.

Gabriela added: "There was a big story in the newspapers that Telstar had gone bust. They didn't even bother to tell us."

The identical twins, 23, and manager mum Margit lost around e1.5million because of the firm's collapse. But they have now set up their own label and are due to release an album in late summer.

As the pair launched the new 7-Up Free With Xtra Bite in Dublin, Gabriela said their mum stepped in to encourage them to continue with a pop career.

She added: "She took care of us as our manager as well as our mum."

The Transylvanian-born twins, whose hits include the Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum), admitted they have been approached for the new Celebrity Love Island. But they don't reckon they will find romance there.

Monica said: "We have been asked but we haven't decided if we will go - it depends on when we will be releasing the single as it is more important.

"But I heard Abs from Five was going - I wouldn't fall in love with him. And Chico is going -I definitely wouldn't fall in love with him.

"And some of the other names I've heard, they are all ugly as hell."

Irish Mirror Comment: Page 6.


BUBBLY: Girls launch new 7-Up yesterday Picture: ARTHUR CARRON/COLLINS
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 20, 2006
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