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ABSTRACT. A checklist of macrofungi was compiled for Indiana as part of a larger effort to document fungi within the state. Our study compiled records of Indiana fungi from digitized specimen data available online through the Mycology Collections data Portal ( These data were supplemented with records from the scientific literature. While several small checklists of Indiana fungi exist, the majority of these being published previously in the Proceeding of the Indiana Academy of Science, our study represents the first to comprehensively compile all the available data on Indiana fungi. Overall, more than 19.000 records of Indiana fungi were examined, with 1410 species of macrofungi being documented in this publication. These species represent 24 fungal orders from two major phyla, with 757 species in this checklist being reported in the literature for the first time here. Our study also recovered records documenting other groups of Indiana fungi, such as microfungi, which will be covered in subsequent publications.

Keywords: Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, checklist, Eumycola, fungi, taxonomy


A wide range of natural communities exist in Indiana, with six general ecoregions recognized by Woods and colleagues (1998): the Eastern Corn Belt Plains, Huron/Erie Lake Plains, Interior Plateau, Interior River Valleys and Hills, Central Corn Belt Plains, and Southern Michigan/Northern Indiana Drift Plains. While over half the land area of the state is now devoted to agriculture (Vilsack & Clark 2012), it was once largely forested, and the previously dominant oak-hickory and beech-maple plant communities persist primarily as isolated stands (Friesner 1936; Clark 1994; Whitaker et al. 2012). Although the majority of agricultural land in Indiana is devoted to row crops (Vilsack & Clark 2012), some areas in the state support a high level of vascular plant diversity. For example, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, encompassing some 6,000 ha, has nearly 1,200 native plant species (Wilhelm 1990) in a mosaic of habitats that include xeric sand dunes, sedge meadows, oak savanna, pannes, bogs, fens, kettle lakes, and mesic prairies. Considering the potential for tight linkages between vascular plants and their fungal counterparts (Van der Heijden et al. 1998), a high level of fungal diversity might also be expected across the state.

Members of the kingdom Eumycota (Fungi) are filamentous, or sometimes unicellular, heterotrophic organisms with absorptive nutrition. The diverse forms include mushrooms, rusts, smuts, and yeasts. Many fungal species (e.g., mycorrhizal forms) are essential symbiotic partners of vascular plants, providing them with nutrients such as phosphorus (Bolan 1991), while others are key in cycling carbon through the decay of organic matter (Lindahl et al. 2002). Recent research also suggests fungal pathogens are an increasing threat to the health of animals, plants, and even ecosystems (Fisher et al. 2012). Given this diversity of forms and of ecological roles, it is reasonable to expect fungal diversity to be vast, with estimates ranging from 1.5 to 5.1 million species worldwide (Blackwell 2011). In comparison to this extensive diversity, the number of described species (ca. 100,000) is proportionally low, and understanding of fungal diversity even in temperate regions, such as Indiana, is deficient. At the same time, recent projects aimed at digitizing our natural history collections (e.g., Baird 2010; Conway 2010; Beaman & Cellinese 2012; Blagoderov et al. 2012) have facilitated access to data on organismal diversity. Taking inspiration from these digitization efforts, this study relied largely on digital resources to document our current knowledge of fungal diversity in Indiana.

Over 19,000 digitized records of fungal specimens were examined online in public databases. To supplement these data, we carried out online searches of records of fungi from the state in the scientific literature. While records of Indiana fungi have been published in the broader literature (e.g., Schmit et al. 1999; Harmon & Latin 2005; Wilson et al. 2014), a wealth of digitized publications (e.g.. Van Hook 1911, 1912, 1913, 1916, 1921a, 1921b, 1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1929a, 1929b, 1930, 1935; Jackson 1918. 1921a, 1921b; Anderson & Anderson 1920; Fink & Fuson 1920; Van Hook & Busteed 1935) were discovered from the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science, with documentation of fungal diversity in the state beginning with the first published volume (Underwood 1892) and continuing into the twenty-first century (Ruch et al. 2001). This study summaries the sizable fungal diversity known to exist across Indiana. Due to length, the Indiana fungal checklist will be published in three parts: macrofungi (e.g., bracket fungi, mushrooms, and puffballs), microfungi (e.g., molds and rusts), and lichenized fungi (i.e., lichens) of Indiana.


The preliminary fungal species list was compiled through a search of Indiana specimens housed in 72 public collections, universities, and natural history museums across the United States and Canada. The specimen records from these institutions are available online through the Mycology Collections data Portal (MyCoPortal, MyCoPortal is the official repository of data for the Macro- and Microfungi Collections Consortia (MaCC and MiCC, respectively) Thematic Collections Networks, digitization efforts funded by the NSF's Advancing Digitization of Biological Collections (ADBC) program. Data from MyCoPortal are served on the World Wide Web using Symbiota software (Gries et al. 2014). Its database currently contains over three million fungal specimen records from around the world, with more records being added daily and digitization efforts funded until 2018. Records obtained from MyCoPortal specimen data have been supplemented with records of Indiana fungi from the scientific literature. A number of historical mycological publications from the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science (Arthur 1897; Lee 1929; Busteed 1936; Herre 1944; Cottingham 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1954, 1956; Wolf 1972; Evans-Ruhl et al. 1982; Schoknecht 1982; Hyerczyk 1998) were accessed online through the Academy's digital archive ( Several additional publications from other journals (Reddick 1907; Cooke 1975; Avis et al. 2006, 2008, 2017; Gurung et al. 2011; Avis 2012; Leacock et al. 2016) were also used in compiling the complete list of Indiana fungi.

In order to verify current taxonomic status and check synonymy for each of the scientific names included in the checklist, the online fungal nomenclature databases MycoBank (http;// and Index Fungorum ( were consulted. The system of classification used here follows that outlined in MycoBank. The taxa included within this checklist of macrofungi generally have fruiting bodies that reach well over a centimeter in height or diameter (though see the discussion below). Each species entry in the checklist is annotated to indicate if the scientific name was sourced from MyCoPortal specimen records and/ or a reference from the literature (see the 'Key' below). If the species had not been previously reported in the literature as occurring in Indiana, then the annotation 'NR' indicates a new published record for the state. All statistics (viz., numbers of new records and species) are considered only at the level of species; however, citations for new records are indicated (but not counted) for infraspecific taxa, such as varieties. Infraspecific taxa (e.g., Helvella macropus var. brevis) were included whenever encountered in databases or the literature and also were listed as the binomial (Helvella macropus) when it was not known if other species-level records represented a distinct infraspecific taxon (e.g., Helvella macropus var. macropus).


Over 19,000 records were recovered in MyCoPortal and the scientific literature documenting a wide range of fungi from the state of Indiana (Figs. 1-3). After updating the taxonomic names and checking for synonymy, as well as excluding microfungi, lichens, and slime molds (protozoans traditionally included in mycological collections), 1410 species of macrofungi were recovered. Of these 757 (54%) are reported from Indiana for the first time, adding greatly to our knowledge of fungal diversity in the state. Overall, the species included in this macrofungi checklist represent two major phyla (Ascomycota, Basidiomycota) in the Eumycota. Within these phyla, 24 fungal orders are represented, most abundantly in the Basidiomycota (19 orders containing 1326 species). The complete list of all non-lichenized fungi is being made available online through the MyCoPortal (, see the Macrofungi of North America: Regions research checklist page), and will be updated regularly as more data become available.

Numerous basidiomycetous corticioid fungi (e.g. Botryobasidium, Corticium, Ramaricium, Septobasidium, Subulicystidium, Tulasnella), having little topology but growing to cover a large area, are included among the maerofungi following mycological tradition. Again following tradition, ascomycetous fungi recorded from Indiana (e.g., Hypoxylon, Kretzschmaria, Rosellinia) with perithecial ascomata (viz., pyrenomycetes) will be included in the checklist of microfungi, even though their growth habit is superficially similar to that of corticioid fungi. The same is true for a number of other minute ascomycetes (e.g., Cordyceps, Dasyscyphus, Isaria, Mitrula) that skirt the boundaries between macro- and microfungi, as well as those that cover fruiting bodies of maerofungi as parasites (e.g., Hypomyces). However, included among the maerofungi are a few of the smaller ascomycetous genera (e.g., Bulgaria, Camarops, Daldinia, Galiella, Leotia, Microglossum, Microstoma, Peziza. Xylaria, Xylocoremium) known to generally produce somewhat conspicuous ascomata.

There has been considerable mycological activity in the state, with the earliest specimens collected in 1804 and the first documentation in the literature dating to the late 1800's (Rose 1886). After a more intense period of activity, roughly 1885-1925, workers have consistently collected specimens in the field throughout the decades (Fig. 4). The fungal species in the Indiana checklist demonstrate the wide range of fungal diversity that exist in the state, and a number of species in the maerofungi checklist have importance to humans, such as deadly poisonous mushrooms (e.g., Amanita phalloides, see Pringle & Vellinga 2006) and choice edibles (e.g., Cantharellus and Morchella, see Molina et al. 1993). Estimates of the global diversity for fungi posit that there may be six fungal species for every vascular plant species (Hawksworth 1991; Blackwell 2011). If we apply this ratio to Indiana, then a comparison of the total number of fungal species (including macro-, microfungi, and lichens) recovered in our overall study (ca. 3000) against the number of vascular plant species known for state (ca. 2800; pers. comm. Kay Yatskievych) suggests that many more fungal species are in need of documentation. Many species of fungi absent from our Indiana checklists likely represent taxa already known to science. Indeed, the author's record for Amanita muscaria var. guessowii, never before reported from the state, was discovered without much effort on the campus of Purdue University Northwest (PNW) while preparing this manuscript (a voucher specimen was sent to Purdue's Arthur Fungarium). Noting the magnitude of this gap (perhaps thousands of 'missing' species of Indiana fungi), it is equally likely that a number of fungal species new to science await discovery in the state. These facts highlight the great need for continued mycological research within the state, as suggested previously by Ruch and colleagues (2001).

We acknowledge that this checklist may contain inaccuracy given the scope of taxa included (and the restricted focus of the lead author) as well as the need to revise some of the species recorded here in light of new data (e.g., see O'Donnell et al. 2011 for the morels). Overall, however, we hope this publication represents solid progress toward a more complete understanding of fungal diversity in the state of Indiana.


The authors thank Drs. Peter Avis and Patrick Leacock, as well as Stephen Russell, for making data from their mycological projects easily accessible for use in this publication, and we very much appreciate Mr. Russell's taxonomic review of the species included here. The lead author would also like to personally thank Drs. Barbara Thiers (MaCC) and Andrew N. Miller (MiCC) for spearheading the preparation of ADBC proposals (now funded) and for serving as Pis overseeing the digitization efforts of fungal specimens, which have made literally millions of fungal specimen records available online.


Annotation key.--Annotations [in brackets] follow each taxon, indicating records from Indiana that are published in the literature for the first time here (NR) and/or citing the source for each record, either from the literature (t) or from specimens (J) deposited in collections (single or multiple records representing each taxon reported here can be searched individually at



Camaropspetersii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Nannf. [[dagger],[double dagger]]


Geoglossum difforme Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Geoglossum nigritum Cooke [[double dagger], NR] Trichoglossum farlowii (Cooke) E.J. Durand [[double dagger], NR] Trichoglossum hirsutum (Pers.) Boud. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Trichoglossum variabile (E.J. Durand) Nannf. [[double dagger], NR] Trichoglossum velutipes (Peck) E.J. Durand [[double dagger], NR] Trichoglossum walteri (Berk.) E.J. Durand [[double dagger], NR]


Bulgaria inquinans (Pers.) Fr. [[dagger]] Leotia lubrica (Scop.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Microglossum olivaceum (Pers.) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Microglossum rufum (Schwein.) Underw. [[dagger], [double dagger]]


Aleuria aurantia (Pers.) Fuckel [[dagger], [double dagger]] Disciotis venosa (Pers.) Boud. [[dagger]] Galiella rufa (Schwein.) Nannf. & Korf [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gyromitra brunnea Underw. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gyromitra caroliniana (Bosc.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Gyromitra esculenta (Pers.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gyromitra gigas (Krombh.) Cooke [[dagger]] Gyromitra Infula (Schaeff.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Helvella acetabulum (L.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Helvella albella Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Helvella atra Oeder [[double dagger], NR] Helvella elastica Bull. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Helvella lactea Boud. [[double dagger], NR] Helvella lacunosa Afzel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Helvella macropus (Pers.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Helvella macropus var. brevis Peck [[double dagger], NR] Helvella queletii Bres. [[double dagger], NR] Helvella subglabra N.S. Weber [[double dagger], NR] Helvella sulcata Afzel. [[double dagger], NR] Helvella viltosa Schaeff. [[double dagger], NR] Jafnea semitosta (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Korf [[double dagger], NR] Microstoma floccosum (Schwein.) Raitv. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mitrophora semilibera (DC.) Lev. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Morchella angusticeps Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Morchelta conica Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Morchella crassipes (Vent.) Pers. [[dagger]] Morchella deliciosa Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Morchella esculenta (L.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Morchella hybrida (Sowerby) Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Otidea onotica (Pers.) Fuckel [[double dagger], NR] Pachyella clypeata (Schwein.) Le Gal [[double dagger], NR] Peziza aurantiaca Bull, [[double dagger], NR] Peziza badia Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Peziza badioconfusa Korf [[double dagger], NR] Peziza bronca Peck [[double dagger], NR] Peziza cerea Sowerby [[double dagger], NR] Peziza citrina (Hedw.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Peziza dehnii Rabenh. [[double dagger], NR] Peziza domiciliam Cooke [[dagger], [double dagger]] Peziza odorat a Peck [[double dagger], NR] Peziza repanda Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Peziza succosa Berk, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Peziza sulcata Pers. [[dagger]] Peziza sylvestris (Boud.) Sacc. & Traverso [[double dagger], NR] Peziza vesiculosa Bull, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Plectania occidentalis (Schwein.) Seaver [[dagger], [double dagger]] Sarcoscypha austriaca (Beck ex Sacc.) Boud. [[double dagger], NR] Sarcoscypha coccinea (Scop.) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Sarcoscypha occidentalis (Schwein.) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tuber dryophilum Tul. & C. Tul. [[double dagger], NR] Tuber rufum Pollini [[dagger]] Urnula craterium (Schwein.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Verpa bohemica var. bispora (Sorokin) Syd. [[dagger]] Verpa conica (O.F. Mull.) Sw. [[dagger]]


Daldinia childiae J.D. Rogers & Y.M. Ju [[double dagger], NR] Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Ces. & De Not. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Daldinia simulans Child [[double dagger], NR] Daldinia vernicosa Ces. & De Not. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xylaria cas torea Berk, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xylaria comosa (Mont.) Mont. [[dagger]] Xylaria corniformis (Fr.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Xylaria cornu-damae (Schwein.) Berk, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xylaria cubensis (Mont.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Xylaria digitata (L.) Grev. [[double dagger], NR] Xylaria hypoxy Ion (L.) Grev. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xylaria longiana Rehm [[double dagger], NR] Xylaria longipes Nitschke [[double dagger], NR] Xylaria mali Fromme [[double dagger], NR] Xylaria polymorpha (Pers.) Grev. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xylaria subterranea (Schwein.) Sacc. [[dagger]] Xylaria tentaculala Ravenel ex Berk. [[double dagger], NR] Xylocoremium flabeliforme (Schwein.) J.D. Rogers [[double dagger], NR]



Agaricus abruptibulbus Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus arvensis Schaeff. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus bitorquis (Quel.) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus campest ris L. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus comtulus Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Agaricus diminutivus Peck [[double dagger], NR] Agaricus dorsalis Peck [[dagger]] Agaricus haerens Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus magniceps Peck [[double dagger], NR] Agaricus moelleri Wasser [[double dagger], NR] Agaricus placomyces Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus scitulus Massee [[dagger]] Agaricus silvaticus Schaeffer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus sylvicola (Vittad.) Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus xanthoderma Genev. [[double dagger], NR] Agrocybe acericola (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Agrocybe arvalis (Fr.) Heim & Romagn. [[double dagger], NR] Agrocybe dura (Bolton) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agrocybe erebia (Fr.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Agrocybe firma (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Agrocybe gibberosa (Fr.) Fayod [[double dagger], NR] Agrocybe howeana (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Agrocybepediades (Fr.) Fayod [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agrocybe praecox (Pers.) Fayod [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita abrupta Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita aestivalis Singer ex Singer [[double dagger], NR] Amanita bisporigera G.F. Atk. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita brunnescens var. brunnescens G.F. Atk. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita brunnescens var. pallida L. Krieg. [[double dagger], NR] Amanita caeserea (Scop.) Pers. [[dagger]] Amanita ceciliae (Berk. & Broome) Bas [[double dagger], NR] Amanita chlorinosma (Peck) Lloyd [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita citrina (Schaeff.) Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Amanita citrina f. lavendula (Coker) Vesely [[double dagger], NR] Amanita cokeri (E.-J. Gilbert & Kuhner) E.-J. Gilbert [[double dagger],NR] Amanita cotliurnata G.F. Atk. [[dagger]] Amanita daucipes (Berk. & Mont.) Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Amanita excelsa (Fr.) Bertill. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita farinosa Schwein, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita flavoconia G.F. Atk. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita flavorubescens G.F. Atk. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita floccocephala G.F. Atk. [[dagger]] Amanita fulva Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Amanita gemmata (Fr.) Bertill. [[double dagger], NR] Amanita junquillea Quel. [[dagger]] Amanita magnivelaris Peck (Fr.) P. Kumrn. [[double dagger], NR] Amanita multisquamosa Peck [[double dagger], NR] Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita muscaria var. guessowii Vesely NR] Amanita pantherina (DC.) Krombh. [[double dagger], NR] Amanita phalloides (Fr.) Link [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita rubescens Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita rubescens f. alba (Coker) Sartory & L. Maire [[double dagger], NR] Amanita solitaria (Bull.) Merat [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita spreta (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita strobiliformis (Paulet ex Vittad.) Bertill. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita subphalloides (Murrill) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Amanita thiersii Bas [[double dagger], NR] Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam [[dagger], [double dagger]] Amanita verna (Bull.) Lam. [[dagger]] Amanita virosa Bertill. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Arachnion album Schwein. [[double dagger], NR] Armillaria caligata (Viv.) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Armillaria calvescens Berube & Dessur. [[double dagger], NR] Armillaria gallica Marxm. & Romagn. [[double dagger], NR] Armillaria mellea (Vahl) P. Kumrn. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Armillaria nardosmia Ellis [[dagger]] Armillaria tabescens (Scop.) Emel [[dagger], [double dagger]] Arrhenia epichysium (Pers.) Redhead, Lutzoni, Moncalvo & Vilgalys [[double dagger], NR] Arrheniapeltigerina (Peck) Redhead [[dagger]] Asterophora lycoperdoides (Bull.) Ditmar [[double dagger], NR] Baeospora myriadophylla (Peck) Singer [[dagger]] Bolbitius copropliilus (Peck) Hongo [[double dagger], NR] Bolbitius tener Berk, [[dagger]] Bolbitius titubans (Bull.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Bovista aestivalis (Bonord.) Demoulin [[double dagger], NR] Bovista dermoxantha (Vittad.) De Toni [[double dagger], NR] Bovista longispora Kreisel [[double dagger], NR] Bovista minor Morgan [[double dagger], NR] Bovista pila Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[double dagger], NR] Bovista plumbea Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Bovista pusilla (Batsch) Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Bovistella ohiensis (Ellis & Morgan) Morgan [[dagger], [double dagger]] Bovistella radicata (Durieu & Mont.) Pat. [[double dagger], NR] Calvatia craniiformis (Schwein.) Fr. ex De Toni [[dagger], [double dagger]] Calvatia cyathiformis (Bosc) Morgan [[dagger], [double dagger]] Calvatia excipuliformis (Scop.) Perdeck [[double dagger], NR] Calvatia gigantea (Batsch) Lloyd [[dagger], [double dagger]] Calvatia lepidophora (Ellis & Everh.) Coker & Couch [[double dagger], NR] Calvatia lilacina (Mont. & Berk.) Henn. [[double dagger], NR] Calvatia rugosa (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) D.A. Reid [[dagger], [double dagger]] Calvatia utriformis (Bull.) Jaap [[dagger]] Calyptella campanula (Nees) W.B. Cooke [[double dagger], NR] Cheimonophyllum candidissimum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Chlorophyllum agaricoides (Czern.) Vellinga [[double dagger], NR] Chlorophyllum molybdites (G. Mey.) Massee [[dagger], [double dagger]] Chondrostereum purpureum (Pers.) Pouzar [[double dagger], NR] Clavaria appalachiensis Coker [[double dagger], NR] Clavaria fragilis Holmsk. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clavaria inaequalis O.F. Mull, [[dagger]] Clavaria rosea Dalman [[double dagger], NR] Clavaria tetragono Schwein, [[dagger]] Clavulinopsis corniculata (Schaeff.) Corner [[double dagger], NR] Clavulinopsis fusiformis (Sowerby) Corner [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clavulinopsis laeticolor (Berk. & MA. Curtis) R.H.Petersen [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe americana H.E. Bigelow [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe aeruginosa H.E. Bigelow [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe albidula Peck [[dagger]] Clitocybe candida Bres. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clitocybe cartilaginea (Bull, ex Pers.) Bres [[dagger]] Clitocybe catinus (Fr.) Quel. [[dagger]] Clitocybe clavipes (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe connata (Schumach.) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe dealbata (Sowerby) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clitocybe diatreta (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe dilatata P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe ditopa (Fr.) Gillet [[dagger]] Clitocybe eccentrica X.H. Wang & P.G. Liu [[dagger]] Clitocybe elephantina Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybefragrans (With.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe gibba (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clitocybe intermedia Kauffman [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe laccata var. pallidifolia Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clitocybe martiorum J. Favre [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe multiceps Peck [[dagger]] Clitocybe nebularis (Batsch) P. Kumm [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clitocybe ochropurpurea (Berk.) Sacc. [[dagger]] Clitocybe odora (Bull.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clitocybe patuloides (Peck) Peck [[dagger]] Clitocybe phaeophthalma (Pers.) Kuyper [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clitocybephyllophila (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Clitocybe piceina Peck [[dagger]] Clitocybe regular is Peck [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe sinopica (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Clitocybe subconnexa Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybe trullisata Ellis [[double dagger], NR] Clitocybula abundans (Peck) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clitocybula iacerata (Scop.) Singer ex Metrod [[double dagger], NR] Clitopilus caespitosus Peck [[dagger]] Clitopilus hrbanovii (Velen.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Clitopilus noveboracensis (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger]] Clitopilusprunulus (Scop.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Collybia amabilipes (Peck) Peck [[dagger]] Collybia cookei (Bres.) J.D. Arnold [[double dagger], NR] Conocybe crispa (Longyear) Singer [[dagger]] Conocybe cryptocystis (G.F. Atk.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Conocybe tenera (Schaeff.) Fayod [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coprinellus deliquescens (Bull.) P. Karst. [[dagger]] Coprinellus disseminatus (Pers.) J.E. Lange [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coprinellus domesticus (Bolton) Vilgalys [[dagger]] Coprinellus ephemerus (Bull.) Redhead [[dagger]] Coprinellus micaceus (Bull.) Vilgalys, Hopple & Jacq. Johnson [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coprinopsis atramentaria (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coprinopsis lagopus (Fr.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coprinopsis nivea (Pers.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo [[double dagger], NR] Coprinopsispicacea (Bull.) Redhead [[dagger]] Coprinopsis radiata (Bolton) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coprinopsis variegata (Peck) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo [[double dagger], NR] Coprinus comatus (O.F. Mull.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coprinus comatus var. ovatus (Scop.) Quel. [[dagger]] Coprinus ebulbosus Peck [[dagger]] Coprinus quadrifidus Peck [[dagger]] Coprinus rotundisporus Peck [[dagger]] Cortinarius alboviolaceus (Pers.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cortinarius armillatus (Fr.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cortinarius autumnalis Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cortinarius caperatus (Pers.) Fr. [[dagger]] Cortinarius cinnabarinus Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cortinarius cinnamomeus (L.) Gray [[dagger]] Cortinarius claricolor (Fr.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius collariatus E. Horak & M.M. Moser [[dagger]] Cortinarius coUinitus (Sowerby) Gray [[dagger]] Cortinarius corrugatus Peck [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius cylindripes Kauffman [[dagger]] Cortinarius dis tans Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cortinarius duracinus Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cortinarius gentilis (Fr.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius hinnuleus Fr. [[dagger]] Cortinarius iodeoides Kauffman [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius iodes Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius michiganensis Kauffman [[dagger]] Cortinarius obliquus Peck [[dagger]] Cortinarius ochraceus Peck [[dagger]] Cortinarius olearioides Rob. [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius semisanguineus (Fr.) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius senceps Peck [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius torvus (Fr.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Cortinarius violaceus (L.) Gray [[double dagger], NR] Crepidotus applanatus (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Crepidotus applanatus var. globiger (Berk.) Pilat [[double dagger], NR] Crepidotus calolepis (Fr.) P. Karst, [[dagger]] Crepidotus crocophyllus (Berk.) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Crepidotusellipsoideus Hesler & A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Crepidotusfulvotomentosus (Peck) Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Crepidotusfusisporus Hesler & A.H. Sm. [[dagger]] Crepidotus herbarum (Peck) Peck [[double dagger], NR] Crepidotus hygrophanus Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Crepidotus lundellii Pilat [[dagger]] Crepidotus mollis (Schaeff.) Staude [[dagger], [double dagger]] Crepidotusnephrodes (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Crepidotus versutus (Peck) Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Crepidotus vulgaris Hesler & A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Crinipellis setipes (Peck) Singer Crinipellis zonata (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Crucibulum crucibuliforme (Scop.) V.S. White [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cyathus olla (Batsch) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cyathuspoeppigu Tul. & C. Tul. [[double dagger], NR] Cyathus stercoreus (Schwein.) De Toni [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cyathus striatus (Huds.) Willd. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cylindrobasidium evolvens (Fr.) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Cylindrobasidium torrendii (Bres.) Hjortstam [[double dagger], NR] Cypliellafasciculata Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[double dagger], NR] Cyphella mellea Burt [[double dagger], NR] Deconica subviseida Peck [[double dagger], NR] Disciseda candida (Schwein.) Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma abortivum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Donk [[dagger], [double dagger]] Entoloma alboumbonatum Hesler [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma asprellum (Fr.) Fayod [[dagger]] Entoloma byssisedum (Pers.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma carneogriseum (Berk. & Broome) Noordel. [[dagger]] Entoloma clypeatum (L.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Entoloma gracilipes (Peck) Malloch [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma grande Peck [[dagger]] Entoloma jubatum (Fr.) P. Karst, [[dagger]] Entoloma lividum (Bull.) Quel. [[dagger]] Entoloma mur ray i (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma rhodopolium (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Entoloma salmoneum (Peck) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma sericellum (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma serrulatum (Fr.) Hesler [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma sinuatum (Bull, ex Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Entoloma strictipes (Peck) Hesler [[double dagger], NR] Entoloma strictius (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Entoloma subcostatum G.F. Atk. [[dagger]] Entoloma undatum (Gillet) M.M. Moser [[dagger]] Entoloma vernum S. Lundell [[double dagger], NR] Fistulina hepatica (Schaeff.) With. [[dagger]] Flammula betulina Peck [[dagger]] Flammulapraecox Peck [[double dagger], NR] Flammulaster erinaceellus (Peck) Watling [[double dagger], NR] Flammulaster gracilis (Quel.) Watling [[double dagger], NR] Flammulina velutipes (Curtis) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Galera ovalis (Fr.) Gillet [[dagger]] Galerina autumnalis (Peck) A.H. Sm. & Singer [[double dagger], NR] Galerina marginata (Batsch) Kuhner [[double dagger], NR] Galerina unicolor (Vahl) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gerronema strombodes (Berk. & Mont.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopilus aeruginosus (Peck) Singer [[dagger]] Gymnopilus bellulus (Peck) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopilus junonius (Fr.) P.D. Orton [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gymnopilus liquiritiae (Pers.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopilus sapineus (Fr.) Maire [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus acervatus (Fr.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gymnopus alkalivirens (Singer) Hailing [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus androsaceus (L.) J.L. Mata & R.H. Petersen [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopusaquosus (Bull.) Antonin & Noordel. [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus atratoides (Peck) Murrill [[dagger]] Gymnopus biformis (Peck) Hailing [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus confluens (Pers.) Antonin, Hailing & Noordel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gymnopusdichrous(Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Halline [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus dryophilus (Bull.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gymnopus erythropus (Pers.) Antonin [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gymnopus foetidus (Sowerby) J.L. Mata & R.H. Petersen [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gymnopus fusipes (Bull.) Gray [[dagger]] Gymnopus hariolorum (Bull.) Antonin [[dagger]] Gymnopus hygrophoroides (Peck) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gymnopus iocephalus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) 'Hailing [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus luxurians (Peck) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopusperonatus (Bolton) Gray [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gymnopuspolyphyllus (Peck) Hailing [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus spongiosus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Hailing [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus subnudus (Ellis ex Peck) Hailing [[double dagger], NR] Gymnopus subsulphureus (Peck) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Hebeloma albidulum Peck [[dagger]] Hebeloma album Peck [[dagger]] Hebeloma crustuliniforme (Bull.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Hebeloma mesophaeum (Pers.) Quel. [[dagger]] Hebeloma sinaptans (Paulet) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Henningsomyces Candidus (Pers.) Kuntze [[double dagger], NR] Hohenbuehelia angus tat a (Berk.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Hohenbuehelia approximates (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Hohenbuehelia horakii Courtec. [[double dagger], NR] Hohenbueheliapetaloides (Bull.) Schulzer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hydropusfloccipes (Fr.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe acutoconica (Clem.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe acutoconica var. cuspidata (Peck) Arnolds [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe borealis (Peck) Bon [[dagger]] Hygrocybe calypiriformis (Berk. & Broome) Fayod [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe cantharellus (Schwein.) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe ceracea (Wulfen) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrocybe chlorophana (Fr.) Wunsche [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe coccinea (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrocybecolemanniana(A. Bloxam) P.D. Orton & Watling [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe conica (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrocybe irrigata (Pers.) Bon [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe laeta (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe lepida Arnolds [[double dagger], NR]

Hygrocybe marginata var. concolor (A.H. Smith) A.E. Bessette, A.R Bessette, W.C. Roody & W.E. Sturgeon [[double dagger], NR]

Hygrocybe marginata var. marginata (Peck) Murrill [[double dagger], NR]

Hygrocybe marginata var. olivacea (A.H. Smith & Hesler) A.E. Bessette, A.R. Bessette, W.C. Roody & W.E. Sturgeon [[double dagger], NR]

Hygrocybe miniata (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrocybe nitida (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe obrussea (Fr.) Wunsche [[double dagger], NR] Hygrocybe pratensis (Schaeff.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrocybe psittacina (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrocybe punicea (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrocybe virginea (Wulfen) P.D. Orton & Watling [[double dagger], NR] Hygrophorus ehurneus (Bull.) Fr. [[dagger]] Hygrophorus flavodiscus Frost [[dagger]] Hygrophorus laurae Morg. [[dagger]] Hygrophorus occidentalis A.H. Sm. & Hesler [[double dagger], NR] Hygrophorus pudorinus (Fr.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrophorus roseibrunneus Murrill [[dagger]] Hygrophorus russida (Schaeff.) Kauffman [[dagger]] Hygrophorus sordidus Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrophorus tennesseensis A.H. Sm. & Hesler [[double dagger], NR] Hypholoma candolleanum (Fr.) Maire [[double dagger], NR] Hypholoma capnoides (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Hypholoma cutifractum Peck [[dagger]] Hypholoma echiniceps G.F. Atk. [[double dagger], NR] Hypholoma hydrophilum (Bull.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Hypholoma incertum (Peck) A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Hypholoma lateritium (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hypsizygus ulmarius (Bull.) Redhead [[dagger], [double dagger]] Inocybe albodisca Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Inocybe calospora Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Inocybe cookei Bres. [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe decipientoides Peck [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe fibrillosa Peck [[dagger]] Inocybe geophylla (Sowerby) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Inocybe griseovelata Kuhner [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe lacera (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe lilacina (Peck) Kauffman [[dagger]] Inocybe maculata Boud. [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe pallidipes Ellis & Everh. [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe praetervisa Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe pyriodora (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe radiata Peck [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe rimosa (Bull.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Inocybe sororia Kauffman [[double dagger], NR] Inocybe unicolor Peck [[double dagger], NR] Kuehneromyces mutabilis (Schaeff.) Singer & A.H. Sm. [[dagger]] Lacearia amethystina Cooke [[double dagger], NR] Lacearia bicolor (Maire) P.D. Orton [[double dagger], NR] Lacearia laccata (Scop.) Cooke [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lacearia ochropurpurea (Berk.) Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lacearia proxima (Boud.) Pat. [[double dagger], NR] Lacearia tortilis (Bolton) Cooke [[double dagger], NR] Lacearia trullisata (Ellis) Peck [[double dagger], NR] Lachnella villosa (Pers.) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Lacrymaria lacrymabunda (Bull.) Pat. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lepiota alluviina (Peck) Morgan [[dagger]] Lepiota aspera (Pers.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lepiota augustana (Britzelm.) Sacc. [[dagger]] Lepiota castanea Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Lepiota conspurcata (Willd.) Morgan [[dagger]] Lepiota clypeolaria (Bull.) P. Kumm. NR] Lepiota cristata (Bolton) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lepiota farinosa Peck [[dagger]] Lepiota fischeri Kauffman [[double dagger], NR] Lepiota granosa Morgan [[dagger]] Lepiota miamensis (Morgan) Sacc. [[dagger]] Lepiota naucinoides (Peck) Peck [[dagger]] Lepiota subincarnata .I.E. Lange [[double dagger], NR] Lepiota virescens (Speg.) Morgan [[dagger]] Lepista flaccida (Sowerby) Pat. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lepista irina (Fr.) H.E. Bigelow [[double dagger], NR] Lepista nuda (Bull.) Cooke [[double dagger], NR] Lepista personata (Fr.) Cooke [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leptonia rosea var. marginata Largent [[double dagger], NR] Leucoagaricus americanus (Peck) Vellinga [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leucoagaricus caerulescens (Peck) J.F. Liang, Zhu L. Yang & J. Xu [[dagger]] Leucoagaricus leucothites (Vittad.) Wasser [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leucoagaricus rubrotinctus (Peck) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leucocoprinus cepistipes (Sowerby) Pat. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leucocoprinusflavescens (Morgan) H.V. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Leucopaxillus albissimus (Peck) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leucopaxillus cerealis (Lasch) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Leucopaxillus giganteus (Sowerby) Singer [[dagger]] Leucopaxillus laterarius (Peck) Singer & A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Leucopaxillus paradoxus (Costantin & L.M. Dufour) Boursier [[double dagger], NR] Lindtneria trachyspora (Bourdot & Galzin) Pilat [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon americanum Demoulin [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon echinatum Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon ericaeum Bonord. [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon fuscum Huds. [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon marginatum Vittad. [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon molle Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon nigrescens Wahlenb. [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon peckii J.B. Morgan [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdonpedicellatum Gardezi [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon perlatum Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lycoperdon pulcherrimum Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon pyriforme Schaeff. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lycoperdon radicatum Reichard [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon rimulatum Peck [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon stellare (Peck) Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Lycoperdon umbrinum Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lycoperdon wriglitii Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[double dagger], NR] Lyophyllum decastes (Fr.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Lyophyllumplexipes (Fr.) Kuhner & Romagn. [[dagger]] Macrocystidia cucumis (Pers.) Joss. [[double dagger], NR] Macrolepiotaprocera (Scop.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Marasmiellus Candidus (Fr.) Singer [[dagger]] Marasmiellus papillatus (Peck) Redhead & Halling [[double dagger], NR] Marasmiellus vaillantii (Pers.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius armeniacus Gilliam [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius capillaris Morgan [[dagger], [double dagger]] Marasmius cohaerens (Pers.) Cooke & Quel, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Marasmius copelandii var. olidas (Gilliam) Des jardin [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius delectans Morgan [[dagger], [double dagger]] Marasmius falcatipes Desjardin [[double dagger], NR] Marasmiusfelix Morgan [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius fulvoferrugineus Gilliam [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius glabellus Peck [[dagger]] Marasmiusgraminum (Lib.) Berk, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Marasmius haematocephalus (Mont.) Fr. [[dagger]] Marasmius oreades (Bolton) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Marasmiuspulcherripes Peck [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius rotula (Scop.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Marasmius setosus (Sowerby) Noordel. [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius siccus Schwein, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Marasmius spissus Gilliam [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius strictipes (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius sullivantii Mont. [[double dagger], NR] Marasmius velutipes Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[dagger]] Marasmius via/is Peck [[double dagger], NR] Megacollybia platyphylla (Pers.) Kotl. & Pouzar [[dagger], [double dagger]] Megacollybia rodmanii R.H. Petersen, K.W. Hughes & Lickey [[double dagger], NR] Megacollybia rodmanii f. murina R.H. Petersen & K.W. Hughes [[double dagger], NR] Melanoleuca alboflavida (Peck) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Melanoleuca melaleuca (Pers.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Merismodes anomala (Pers.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Morganella subincarnata (Peck) Kreisel & Dring [[double dagger], NR] Mycena acicula (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Mycena albiceps (Peck) Gilliam [[double dagger], NR] Mycena alcalina (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Mycena clavularis (Batsch) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Mycena corticola (Pers.) Gray [[double dagger], NR] Mycena epipterygia (Scop.) Gray [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mycena epipterygia var. griseoviridis (A.H. Sm.) Maas Geest, [[double dagger], NR] Mycenafilopes (Bull.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Mycena galericulata (Scop.) Gray [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mycena haematopus (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mycena hemisphaerica Peck [[double dagger], NR] Mycena inclinat a (Fr.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Mycena leaiana (Berk.) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mycena leptophylla (Peck) Sacc.[[dagger]] Mycena luteopallens Peck [[double dagger], NR] Mycena murina (Murrill) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Mycena niveipes (Murrill) Murrill [[dagger]] Mycena parabolica (Fr.) Quel, [[dagger]] Mycenapectinata (Murrill) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Mycenapolygramma (Bull.) Gray [[dagger]] Mycenapulcherrima (Peck) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Mycenapura (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mycena rutilantiformis (Murrill) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Mycena subcaerulea (Peck) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Mycetinis scorodonius (Fr.) A.W. Wilson & Desjardin [[double dagger], NR] Nolanea howellii Peck [[double dagger], NR] Omphalia alboflava Moorgan [[dagger]] Omphalinapyxidata (Bull.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Omphalotus olearius (DC.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Ossicaulis lignatilis (Pers.) Redhead & Ginns [[dagger]] Ozonium omnivorum Shear [[double dagger], NR] Panaeolina foenisecii (Pers.) Maire [[dagger]] Panaeolus campanulatus (Bull.) Quel. [[dagger]] Panaeoluspapilionaceus (Bull.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Panaeolus semiovatus (Sowerby) S. Lundell & Nannf. [[dagger]] Panaeolus solidipes (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger]] Panellus pusillus (Pers. ex Le v.) Burds. & O.K. Mill, [[dagger]] Panellus serotinus (Pers.) Kuhner [[double dagger], NR] Panellus stipticus (Bull.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Parasola plicatilis (Curtis) Redhead, Vilgalys & Hopple [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phaeosolenia inconspicua (Sacc.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Pholiota adiposa (Batsch) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pholiota aggericola (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger]] Pholiota angustipes (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger]] Pholiota aurivella (Batsch) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Pholiota cerasina Peck [[dagger]] Pholiota curvipes (P. Kumm.) Quel. [[dagger]] Pholiotaflammans (Batsch) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Pholiota luteofolius (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger]] Pholiota polychroa (Berk.) A.H. Sm. & H.J. Brodie [[double dagger], NR] Pholiota populnea (Pers.) Kuyper & Tjall.-Beuk. [[dagger]] Pholiota squarrosoides (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger]] Pholiota subsquarrosa (Fr.) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pholiota veris A.H. Sm. & Hesler [[double dagger], NR] Pholiotina rugosa (Peck) Singer [[dagger]] Phyllotopsis nidulans (Pers.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pleurotus atropellitus Peck [[dagger]] Pleurotus cystidiosus O.K. Mill. [[double dagger], NR] Pleurotus dryinus (Pers.) P. Kumm [[dagger]] Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pleurotus populinus O. Hilber & O.K. Mill. [[double dagger], NR] Pleurotuspulmonarius (Fr.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pleurotus sapidus Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pleurotus serotinoides (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger]] Pleurotus serotinus (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Pluteus americanus (P. Banerjee & Sundberg) Justo, E.F. Malysheva & Minnis [[double dagger], NR] Pluteus cervinus (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pluteus cervinus var. albus Peck [[dagger]] Pluteus chrysophaeus (Schaeff.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Pluteus chrysophlebius (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Pluteus cincus Cke. [[dagger]] Pluteus fuliginosus Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Pluteus fulvobadius Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Pluteus leoninus (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Pluteus longistriatus (Peck) Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pluteus nanus (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pluteuspellitus (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Pluteuspetasatus (Fr.) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Pluteuspodospileus Sacc. & Cub. [[double dagger], NR] Pluteus romellii (Britzelm.) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Pluteus salicinus (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Pluteus umbrosus (Pers.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Porodisculuspendulus (Schwein, ex Fr.) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Por otheleum fimbr latum (Pers.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella ammophila (Durieu & Lev.) P.D. Orton [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella candolleana (Fr.) Maire [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella cernua (Vahl) Hirsch [[dagger]] Psathyrella conopilus (Fr.) A. Pearson & Dennis [[dagger]] Psathyrella echiniceps (G.F. Atk.) A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella epimyces (Peck) A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella gracilis (Fr.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella hydrophila (Bull.) Maire [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella hymenocephala (Peck) A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella incerta (Peck) A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Psathyrella longipes (Peck) A.H. Sm. [[dagger]] Psathyrellapiluliformis (Bull.) P.D. Orton [[dagger]] Psathyrella sarcocephala (Fr.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis (Bull.) Singer [[dagger]] Pseudofistulina radicata (Schwein.) Burds. [[double dagger], NR] Pterulaplumosa (Schwein.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Radulomyces confluens (Fr.) M.P. Christ, [[double dagger], NR] Resinomycena rhododendri (Peck) Redhead & Singer [[double dagger], NR] Resupinatus alboniger (Pat.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Resupinatus applicatus (Batsch) Gray [[dagger], [double dagger]] Rhizomarasmius pyrrhocephalus (Berk.) R.H. Petersen [[double dagger], NR] Rhodocybepopinalis (Fr.) Singer [[dagger]] Rhodocollybia butyracea (Bull.) Lennox [[double dagger], NR] Rhodocollybia maculata (Alb. & Schwein.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Rhodotus palmatus (Bull.) Maire [[dagger], [double dagger]] Schizophyllum commune Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Simocybe centunculus (Fr.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Stropharia coronilla (Bull.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Strophanti hardii G.F. Atk. [[double dagger], NR] Stropharia rugosoannulata Fail, ex Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Stropharia semiglobata (Batsch) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Stropharia viridula (Schaeff.) Morgan [[dagger]] Tetrapyrgos nigripes (Fr.) E. Horak [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma album (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Tricholoma caligatum (Viv.) Ricken [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma columbetta (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma equestre (L.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Tricholomafulvum (Fr.) Bigeard & H. Guill. [[dagger]] Tricholoma fumescens (Peck) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tricholoma leucophyllum Ovrebo & Tylutki [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma resplendem (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma saponaceum (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma sciodes (Pers.) C. Martin [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma sejunctum (Sowerby) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tricholoma subresplendens (Murrill) Sacc. & rotter [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma subsaponaceum Peck [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma sulphureum (Bull.) P. Kumm. [[dagger]] Tricholoma terreum (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma virgatum (Fr.) P. Kumm. [[double dagger], NR] Tricholoma zelleri (D.E. Stuntz & A.H. Sm.) Ovrebo & Tylutki [[double dagger], NR] Tricholomopsisformosa (Murrill) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Tricholomopsis rutilans (Schaeff.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Tubaria furfuracea (Pers.) Gillet [[double dagger], NR] Tubariapellucida (Bull. & Vent.) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma berkeleyi Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma brumale Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Tulostomafimbriatum Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma fimbriatum var. campestre (Morgan) G. Moreno [[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma longii Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma melanocyclum Bres. [[double dagger], NR] Tulostomapygmaeum Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma simulam Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma striatum G. Cunn. [[double dagger], NR] Typhula subfasciculata Ellis & Everh [[double dagger], NR] Vascellum cruciatum (Rostk.) P. Ponce de Leon [[dagger], [double dagger]] Vascellum curtisii (Berk.) Kreisel [[double dagger], NR] Vascellum pratense (Pers.) Kreisel [[double dagger], NR] Volvariella bombycina (Schaeff.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Volvariella gloiocephala (DC.) Boekhout & Enderle [[dagger], [double dagger]] Volvariella hypopithys (Fr.) Shaffer [[double dagger], NR] Volvariellapusilla (Pers.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xeromphalina campanella (Batsch) Kuhner & Maire [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xeromphalina kauffmanii A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Xeromphalina tenuipes (Schwein.) A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Xerula furfuracea (Peck) Redhead, Ginns & Shoemaker [[double dagger], NR] Xerula megalospora (Clem.) Redhead, Ginns & Shoemaker [[double dagger], NR] Xerula limonispora R.H. Petersen [[double dagger], NR] Xerula longipes (Quel.) Maire [[dagger]] Xerula radicata (Relhan) Dorfelt [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xerula sinopudens R.H. Petersen & Nagas. [[double dagger], NR]


Athelia arachnoidea (Berk.) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Byssocorticium atrovirens (Fr.) Bondartsev & Singer ex Singer [[double dagger], NR]


Auricularia americana Parmasto & I. Parmasto ex Audet [[double dagger], NR] Auricularia auricula-judae (Bull.) J. Schrot, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Seismosarca alba Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Tremellodendron schweinitzii G.F. Atk. [[dagger]]


Astraeus hygrometricus (Pers.) Morgan [[dagger], [double dagger]] Aureoboletus auriporus (Peck) Pouzar [[dagger], [double dagger]] Austroboletus gracilis (Peck) Wolfe [[dagger]] Boletellus chrysenteroides (Snell) Snell [[double dagger], NR] Boletellus russellii (Frost) E.-J. Gilbert [[double dagger], NR] Boletinus cavipes (Opat.) Kalchbr. [[double dagger], NR] Boletus auripes Peck [[dagger]] Boletus badius (Fr.) Fr. [[dagger]] Boletus bicolor var. bicolor Raddi [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus bicolor var. subreticulatus A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[double dagger], NR] Boletus calopus Pers. [[dagger]] Boletus campestris A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[dagger]] Boletus conicus Ra v. [[dagger]] Boletus curtisii Berk. [[double dagger], NR] Boletus edulis Bull, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus frostii J.L. Russell [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus fumosiceps (Murrill) Murrill [[dagger]] Boletus glabellus Peck [[double dagger], NR] Boletus illudens Peck [[double dagger], NR] Boletus indecisus Peck [[dagger]] Boletus inedulis (Murrill) Murrill [[dagger]] Boletus innixus Frost [[dagger]] Boletus luridus Schaeff. [[dagger]] Boletus luridiformis Rostk. [[dagger]] Boletus magnisporus Frost [[dagger]] Boletus mariae A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[double dagger], NR] Boletus miniatoolivaceus Frost [[double dagger], NR] Boletus miniatopallescens A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[double dagger], NR] Boletus modes tus Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus nigrellus Peck [[dagger]] Boletus ornatipes Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus pallidus Frost [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus peckii Frost [[double dagger], NR] Boletus pseudosensibilis A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[double dagger],NR] Boletus reticulatus Schaeff. [[dagger]] Boletus retipes Berk & M.A. Curtis [[dagger]] Boletus rubropunctus Peck [[double dagger], NR] Boletus sensibilis Peck [[double dagger], NR] Boletus speeiosus Frost [[dagger]] Boletus subfraternus Coker & Beers [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus subglabripes Peck [[dagger]] Boletus subsanguineus Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus subvelutipes Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Boletus tenax A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[double dagger], NR] Boletus variipes Peck [[double dagger], NR] Boletus vermieulosus Peck [[dagger]] Bothia castanella (Peck) Hailing [[double dagger], NR] Chalciporuspiperatoides (A.H. Sm. & Thiers) T.J. Baroni & Both [[double dagger], NR] Chalciporuspiperatus (Bull.) Bataille [[double dagger], NR] Chroogomphus ochraceus (Kauffman) O.K. Mill. [[double dagger], NR] Coniophora arida (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Coniophora olivacea (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Coniophora puteana (Schumach.) P. Karst, [[dagger]] Cyanoboletuspulverulentus (Opat.) Gelardi [[dagger]] Gomphidiusflavipes Peck [[double dagger], NR] Gyroporus castaneus (Bull.) Quel [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gyroporus cyanescens (Bull.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gyroporus cvanescens var. violaceotinctus Watling [[double dagger], NR] Gyrodon merulioides (Schwein.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (Wulfen) Maire [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leccinum albellum (Peck) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leccinum crocipodium (Letell.) Watling [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum holopus var. holopus (Rostk.) Watling [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum holopus var. americanum A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum insigne A.H. Sm., Thiers & Watling [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum oxydabile (Singer) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum pseudoscabrum (Kallenb.) Sutara [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum rugosiceps (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum scabrum (Bull.) Gray [[dagger], [double dagger]] Leccinum snellii A.H. Sm., Thiers & Watling [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum subglabripes (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Leccinum subleucophaeum E.A. Dick & Snell [[double dagger], NR] Leucogyropliana pinastri (Fr.) Ginns & Weresub [[double dagger], NR] Melanogaster broomeanus Berk. [[double dagger], NR] Paxillus involutus (Batsch) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phylloporus leucomycelinus Singer [[double dagger], NR] Phylloporus rhodoxanthus (Schwein.) Bres. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pisolithus arrhizus (Scop.) Rauschert [[double dagger], NR] Plicaturopsis crispa (Pers.) D.A. Reid [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pseudoboletusparasiticus (Bull.) Sutara [[double dagger], NR] Pseudomerulius aureus (Fr.) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Retiboletus griseus (Frost) Manfr. Binder & Bresinsky [[double dagger], NR] Rhizopogon roseolus (Corda) Th. Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Rubinoboletus ballouii(Peck) Heinem. & Rammeloo [[double dagger], NR] Scleroderma areolatum Ehrenb. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Scleroderma aurantium (L.) Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Scleroderma bovista Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Scleroderma cepa Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Scleroderma eitrinum Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Sclerodermaflavidum Ellis & Everh. [[double dagger], NR] Scleroderma polyrhizum (J.F. Gmel.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Scleroderma septentrionale Jeppson [[double dagger], NR] Scleroderma verrucosum (Bull.) Pers. [[dagger]] Serpula lacrymans (Wulfen) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Strobilomyces confusus Singer [[double dagger], NR] Strobilomyces strobilaceus (Scop.) Berk, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Suillus acidus (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Suillus americanus (Peck) Snell [[double dagger], NR] Suillus collinitus (Fr.) Kuntze [[dagger]] Suillus granulatus (L.) Roussel [[double dagger], NR] Suillus grevillei (Klotzsch) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Suillus hirtellus (Peck) Kuntze [[double dagger], NR] Suillus luteus (L.) Roussel [[dagger], [double dagger]] Suilluspictus A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[dagger], [double dagger]] Suiluspurpureus (Fr. & Hok) Kuntze [[dagger]] Suillus salmonicolor (Frost) Hailing [[double dagger], NR] Suillus subaureus (Peck) Snell [[double dagger], NR] Tapinella atrotomentosa (Batsch) SSutara [[double dagger], NR] Tapinellapanuoides (Fr.) E.-J. Gilbert [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tylopilus alboater (Schwein.) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Tylopilus eximius (Peck) Singer [[dagger]] Tylopilusfelleus (Bull.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tylopilus indecisus (Peck) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Tylopilus rubrobrunneus Mazzer & A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Tylopilus sordidus (Frost) A.H. Sm. & Thiers [[double dagger], NR] Veligaster nitidus (Berk.) Guzman & Tapia [[dagger]] Xantlioconium affine (Peck) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xanthoconium affine var. maculosus (Peck) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Xanthoconium purpureum Snell & E.A. Dick [[double dagger], NR] Xanthoconium separans (Peck) Hailing & Both [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xerocomellus chrysenteron (Bull.) Sutara [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xerocomus rubellus (Krombh.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xerocomus subtomentosus (L.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xerocomus truncatus Singer, Snell & E.A. Dick [[double dagger], NR]


Botryobasidium medium J. Erikss. [[double dagger], NR] Botryobasidium subcoronatum (Hohn. & Litsch.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Botryobasidium vagum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) D.P. Rogers [[double dagger], NR] Botryohypochnus isabellinus (Fr.) J. Erikss. [[double dagger], NR] Cantharelluschicagoensis Leacock, J. Riddell, Rui Zhang &G.M. Muell. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cantharellus cibarius Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cantharellus cinnabarinus (Schwein.) Schwein.[[dagger], [double dagger]] Cantharellus flavusM.i. Foltz & T.J.Volk [[double dagger], NR] Cantharellus ignicolor R.H. Petersen [[double dagger], NR] Cantharellus infundibuliformis (Scop.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cantharellus lateritius (Berk.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cantharellus lutescens (Pers.) Fr. [[dagger]] Cantharellus minor Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cantharellus tubaeformis Fr. [[dagger]] Cantharellus wrightii Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[dagger]] Ceratobasidium stevensii (Burt) P.H.B. Talbot [[double dagger], NR] Clavulina amethystina (Bull.) Donk [[dagger]] Clavulina cinerea (Bull.) J. Schrot, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Clavulina cristata (Holmsk.) J. Schrot, [[dagger]] Craterellus convolvulatus (A.H. Sm.) Eyssart. & Buyck [[double dagger], NR] Craterellus cornucopioides (L.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Craterellus dubius Peck [[double dagger], NR] Craterellusfallax A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Haplotrichum croceum (Mont.) Partr. & Morgan Jones [[double dagger], NR] Haplotrichum curtisii (Berk.) Hol.-Jech. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Haplotrichum simile (Berk.) Hol.-Jech. [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellumaurantiacum(Batsch)P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellum caeruleum (Hornern.) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellum concrescens (Pers.) Banker [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellumpeckii Banker [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellum scrobiculatum (Fr.) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellum spongiosipes (Peck) Pouzar [[double dagger], NR] Hydnum albiceps Berk. & Ravenel ex Cooke [[double dagger], NR] Hydnum albidum Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hydnum combinons Peck [[dagger]] Hydnumflabelliforme Berk. [[double dagger], NR] Hydnum membranaceum Bull. [[double dagger], NR] Hydnum mucidum Pers. ex J.F. Gmel. [[dagger]] Hydnum repandum L. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hydnum umbilicatum Peck [[double dagger], NR] Hydnum velutinum Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Multiclavula mucida (Pers.) R.H. Petersen [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pseudocraterellus undulatus (Pers.) Rauschert [[double dagger], NR] Rhizoctonia solani J.G. Kuhn [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tulasnella bifrons Bourdot & Galzin [[double dagger], NR] Tulasnella pinicola Bres. [[double dagger], NR] Tulasnellapruinosa Bourdot & Galzin [[double dagger], NR] Tulasnella violacea (Johan-Olsen) Juel [[double dagger], NR] Tulasnella violea (Quel.) Bourdot & Galzin [[dagger], NR]


Corticium roseocarneum (Schwein.) Hjortstam [[dagger], [double dagger]] Corticium roseum Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Cytidia salicina (Fr.) Burt [[double dagger], NR] Dendrothele acerina (Pers.) P.A. Lemke [[double dagger], NR] Dendrothele candida (Schwein.) P.A. Lemke [[dagger], [double dagger]] Dendrothele macrodens (Coker) P.A. Lemke [[double dagger], NR] Dendrothele nivosa (Berk. & M.A. Curtis ex Hohn. & Litsch.) P.A. Lemke [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mycolindtneria trachyspora (Bourdot & Galzin) Rauschert [[double dagger], NR] Punctularia strigosozonata (Schwein.) P.H.B. Talbot [[double dagger], NR]


Calocera cornea (Batsch) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Dacrymyces australis Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Dacrymyces chrysospermus Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[double dagger], NR] Dacrymyces ellisii Coker [[double dagger], NR] Dacrymyces st Hiatus Nees [[double dagger], NR] Dacryopinax spathularia (Schwein.) G.W. Martin [[dagger], [double dagger]]


Exobasidium symploci Ellis & G. Martin [[double dagger], NR] Exobasidium vaccinii (Fuckel) Woronin [[dagger], [double dagger]]


Geastrum arenarium Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Geastrum coronatum Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Geastrum elegans Vittad. [[double dagger], NR] Geastrum fimbriatum Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Geastrum lageniforme Vittad. [[double dagger], NR] Geastrum minimum Schwein. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Geastrum morganii Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Geastrum rufescens Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Geastrum saccatum Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Geastrum triplex Jungh. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Geastrum velutinum Morgan [[double dagger], NR] Myriostoma coliforme (Dicks.) Corda [[double dagger], NR] Sphaerobolus stellatus Tode [[double dagger], NR]


Gloeophyllum sepiarium (Wulfen) P. Karst. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gloeophyllum trabeum (Pers.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Neolentinus suffrutescens (Brot.) T.W. May & A.E. Wood [[dagger], [double dagger]]


Clavariadelphus pistillaris (L.) Donk [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coralliumformosum (Pers.) G. Hahn [[dagger]] Gomphusfloccosus (Schwein.) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Kavinia himantia (Schwein.) J. Erikss. [[double dagger], NR] Lentaria byssiseda Corner [[double dagger], NR] Lentaria micheneri (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Corner [[double dagger], NR] Lentariapatouillardii (Bres.) Corner [[double dagger], NR] Ramaria abietina (Pers.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Ramaria apiculata (Fr.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Ramaria aurea (Schaeff.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Ramaria botrytis (Pers.) Ricken [[double dagger], NR] Ramaria decurrens (Pers.) R.H. Petersen [[double dagger], NR] Ramaria gracilis (Pers.) Quel. [[dagger]] Ramaria murrillii (Coker) Corner [[dagger]] Ramaria obtusissima (Peck) Corner [[double dagger], NR] Ramaria stricta (Pers.) Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Ramaria stricta var. concolor Corner [[double dagger], NR] Ramaria suecica (Fr.) Donk [[dagger]] Ramaricium poly por oideum (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Ginns [[double dagger], NR] Ramariopsis kunzei (Fr.) Corner [[double dagger], NR]


Basidioradulum radula (Fr.) Nobles [[dagger]] Coltricia cinnamomea (Jacq.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coltricia focicola (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrrill [[dagger]] Coltricia montagnei (Fr.) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Coltricia perennis (L.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Cotylidiapallida (Pers.) Biodin [[dagger]] Fibricium rude (P. Karst.) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Fulvifomes johnsonianus (Murrill) Y.C. Dai [[double dagger], NR] Fuscoporia gilva (Schwein.) T. Wagner & M. Fisch, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hydnochaete olivaceo (Schwein.) Banker [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hymenochaete cinnamomea subsp. spreta (Peck) Parmasto [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hymenochaete corrugata (Fr.) Lev. [[double dagger], NR] Hymenochaete curtisii(Berk.) Morgan [[double dagger], NR] Hymenochaete fuliginosa (Pers.) Lev. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hymenochaete rubiginosa (Dicks.) Lev. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hyphodontia arguta (Fr.) J. Erikss. [[double dagger], NR] Hyphodontia aspera (Fr.) J. Erikss. [[double dagger], NR] Hyphodontia bugellensis (Ces.) J. Erikss. [[double dagger], NR] Hyphodontia latitans (Bourdot & Galzin) Ginns & M.N.L. Lefebvre [[double dagger], NR] Hyphodontia quercina (Pers.) J. Erikss. [[double dagger], NR] Hyphodontia spathulata (Schrad.) Parmasto [[double dagger], NR] Inonotus andersonii (Ellis & Everh.) Cerny [[double dagger], NR] Inonotus cuticularis (Bull.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Inonotus dryadeus Fr. [[dagger]] Inonotusglomeratus (Peck) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Inonotus hispidus (Bull.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Inonotus obliquus (Ach. ex Pers.) Pilat [[dagger]] Inonotus radiatus (Sowerby) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Onnia tomentosa (Fr.) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR] Oxyporus corticola (Fr.) Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Oxyporus latemarginatus(Durieu & Mont.) Donk [[dagger], [double dagger]] Oxyporus pellicula (Jungh.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Oxyporus populinus (Schumach.) Donk [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellinus conchatus (Pers.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellinus contiguus (Pers.) Pat. [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus everhartii (Ellis & Galloway) A. Ames [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellinus ferrugineofuscus (P. Karst.) Bourdot [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus ferruginosus (Schrad.) Pat. [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus gilvus (Schwein.) Pat. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellinus igniarius (L.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellinus laevigatus (Fr.) Bourdot & Galzin [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus nigricans (Fr.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellinus prunicola (Murrill) Gilb. [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus punctatus (P. Karst.) Pilat [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus ribis (Schumach.) Quel. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellinus rimosus (Berk.) Pilat [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus robiniae (Murrill) A. Ames [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus robustus (P. Karst.) Bourdot & Galzin [[double dagger], NR] Phellinus viticola (Schwein.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Polystictus hirsutus var. marginatus (Bres. Ex Schulzer) Sacc. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Porodaedalea pini(Brot.) Murrill [[dagger]] Pseudochaete tabacina (Sowerby) T. Wagner & M. Fisch, [[double dagger], NR] Pycnoporus cinnabarinus (Jacq.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Rickenella fibula (Bull.) Raithelh. [[double dagger], NR] Schizopora paradoxa (Schrad.) Donk [[dagger], [double dagger]] Schizopora radula (Pers.) Hallenb. [[double dagger], NR] Skvortzovia furfurella(Bres.) Bononi & Hjortstam [[double dagger],NR]


Lysurus cruciatus (Lepr. & Mont.) Henn. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lysurus periphragmoides (Klotzsch) Dring [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mutinus caninus (Huds.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Mutinus elegans (Mont.) E. Fisch [[dagger]] Mutinus ravenelii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) E. Fisch. [[dagger]] Phallus hadriani Vent. [[double dagger], NR] Phallus impudicus L. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phallus impudicus var. togatus (Kalchbr.) Costantin &L.M. Dufour [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phallus ravenelii Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[double dagger], NR]


Abortiporus biennis (Bull.) Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Antrodia albida (Fr.) Donk [[dagger], [double dagger]] Antrodia albobrunnea (Romell) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Antrodia juniperina (Murrill) Niemela & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Antrodia lenis (P. Karst.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Antrodiamalicola(Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Antrodia oleracea (R.W. Davidson & Lombard) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Antrodia sinuosa (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Antrodia xantha (Fr.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Antrodiella semisupina (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Aurantiporus fissilis (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) H. Jahn ex Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Bjerkandera fumosa (Pers.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Byssomerulius incarnatus (Schwein.) Gilb. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Ceriporiapurpurea (Fr.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Ceriporia spissa (Schwein, ex Fr.) Rajchenb. [[double dagger], NR] Ceriporia tarda (Berk.) Ginns [[dagger], [double dagger]] Ceriporia viridans (Berk. & Broome) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Ceriporiopsis mucida (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Ceriporiopsis subrufa (Ellis & Dearn.) Ginns [[double dagger], NR] Cerrena unicolor (Bull.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Climacocystis borealis (Fr.) Kotl. & Pouzar [[double dagger], NR] Climacodon pulcherrimus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Nikol. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Climacodon septentrionalis (Fr.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coriolopsis floccosa (Jungh.) Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coriolopsisgallica (Fr.) Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Coriolopsis trogii (Berk.) Domanski [[double dagger], NR] Dacryobolus sudans (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Daedalea quercina (L.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Daedaleopsis confragosa var. confragosa (Bolton) J. Schrot, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Daedaleopsis septentrionalis (P. Karst.) Niemela [[double dagger], NR] Datronia mollis (Sommerf.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Datronia scutellata (Schwein.) Gilb. & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Diplomitoporus overholtsii (Pilat) Gilb. & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Erastia salmonicolor (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Niemela & Kinnunen [[double dagger], NR] Favolus albidus Massee [[double dagger], NR] Fibroporia radiculosa (Peck) Parmasto [[double dagger], NR] Fomes fomentarius (L.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Fomes fulvus (Scop.) Gillet [[dagger], [double dagger]] Fomes meliae (Underw.) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Fomitopsis cajanderi (P. Karst.) Kotl. & Pouzar [[dagger]] Fomitopsis durescens (Overh. ex J. Lowe) Gilb. & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Fomitopsis palustris (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb. & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Fomitopsisspraguei(Berk. & M.A. Curtis)Gilb. & Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Fuscocerrena portoricensis (Spreng, ex Fr.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Ganoderma australe (Fr.) Pat. [[double dagger], NR] Ganoderma applanatum (Pers.) Pat. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Ganoderma cupreolaccatum (Kalchbr.) Z. Igmandy [[double dagger], NR] Ganoderma curtisii (Berk.) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Ganoderma lipsiense (Batsch) G.F. Atk. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Ganoderma resinaceum Boud. [[double dagger], NR] Ganoderma sessile Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Ganoderma tsugae Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Globifomes graveolens (Schwein.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gloeoporus diehrous (Fr.) Bres. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gloeoporus thelephoroides (Hook.) G. Cunn. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Grifola frondosa (Dicks.) Gray [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hapalopilus croceus (Pers.) Bondartsev & Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hapalopilus nidulans (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Hapalopilus rutilans (Pers.) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Haploporus odorus (Sommerf.) Bondartsev & Singer ex Singer [[double dagger], NR] Heliocybe sulcata (Berk.) Redhead & Ginns [[double dagger], NR] Hjortstamia crassa (Lev.) Boidin & Gilles [[double dagger], NR] Hyphoderma litschaueri (Burt) J. Erikss. & A. "Strid [[double dagger], NR] Hyphoderma mutatum (Peck) Donk [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hyphoderma populneum (Peck) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Hyphoderma puberum (Fr.) Wallr. [[double dagger], NR] Hyphoderma rubropallens (Schwein.) Ginns [[double dagger], NR] Hyphoderma setigerum (Fr.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Hyphoderma tenue (Pat.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Hypochnieium lundellii (Bourdot) J. Erikss. [[double dagger], NR] Inonotus andersonii (Ellis & Everh.) Cerny [[double dagger], NR] Inonotus cutieularis (Bull.) P. Karst, [[dagger]] Inonotus hispidus (Bull.) P. Karst, [[dagger]] Inoeutis rheades (Pers.) Fiasson & Niemela [[dagger]] Irpex fuscescens Schwein, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Irpex lacteus (Fr.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Isehnoderma benzoinum (Wahlenb.) P. Karst. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Junghuhnia nitida (Pers.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Laetiporus eincinnatus (Morgan) Burds. [[double dagger], NR] Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lentinus levis (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Lentinus strigosus Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lentinus tigrinus (Bull.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lenzites betulina (L.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lenzites elegans (Spreng.) Pat. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lenzites flaccida Fr. [[dagger]] Lenzites stereoides (Fr.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Lopharia cinerascens (Schwein.) G. Cunn. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Melanoporia nigra (Berk.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Meripilus giganteus (Pers.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Microporellus obovatus (Jungh.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Mutatoderma heterocystidiatum (Burt) C.E. Gomez [[double dagger], NR] Mycoacia aurea (Fr.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Mycoacia uda (Fr.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Mvcorrhaphium adustulum (Banker) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Mycorrhaphium adustum (Schwein.) Maas Geest, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Osteina obducta (Berk.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Panus conchatus (Bull.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Perenniporia fraxinea (Bull.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Perenniporia fraxinophila (Peck) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Perenniporia medulla-panis (Jacq.) Donk [[dagger], [double dagger]] Perenniporia ohiensis (Berk.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Perenniporia robiniophila (Murrill) Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Perenniporia subacida (Peck) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Perenniporia tenuis (Schwein.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Perenniporia tenuis var. pulchella (Schwein.) Gilb. & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Perenniporia variegata Ryvarden & Gilb. [[double dagger], NR] Phaeolus schweinitzii (Fr.) Pat. [[double dagger], NR] Phanerochaete affin is (Burt) Parmasto [[double dagger], NR] Phanerochaete avellanea (Bres.) J. Erikss. & Hjortstam [[double dagger], NR] Phanerochaete burtii (Romell) Parmasto [[double dagger], NR] Phanerochaete chrysorhiza (Torr.) Budington & Gilb, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phanerochaete filamentosa (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Burds. [[double dagger], NR] Phanerochaete laevis (Fr.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Phanerochaete sanguinea (Fr.) Pouzar [[double dagger], NR] Phanerochaete sordida (P. Karst.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phanerochaete velutina (DC.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Phlebia albida H. Post [[double dagger], NR] Phlebia chrysocreas (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Burds. [[double dagger], NR] Phlebia cinnabarina Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Phlebia hydnoidea Schwein, [[dagger]] Phlebia livida (Pers.) Bres. [[double dagger], NR] Phlebia ludoviciana (Burt) Nakasone & Burds. [[double dagger], NR] Phlebia queletii (Bourdot & Galzin) M.P. Christ. [[double dagger], NR] Phlebia radiata Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phlebia tremellosa (Schrad.) Nakasone & Burds. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phlebiella tulasnelloidea (Hohn. & Litsch.) Ginns & M.N.L. Lefebvre [[double dagger], NR] Phlebiella vaga (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Phlebiopsis flavidoalba (Cooke) Hjortstam [[double dagger], NR] Phlebiopsis gigantea (Fr.) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Piptoporus betulinus (Bull.) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR] Podoscypha ravenelii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pat. [[dagger]] Polyporus admirabilis Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus albus (Huds.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Polyporus alveolaris (DC.) Bondartsev & Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus arcularius (Batsch) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus badius (Pers.) Schwein, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus brumalis (Pers.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus epileucus Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus incertus Pers. [[dagger]] Polyporus melanopus (Pers.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus osseus Kalchbr. [[dagger]] Polyporus paragamenus Fr. [[dagger]] Polyporus radicatus Schwein, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus rigidus Lev. [[double dagger], NR] Polyporus salignus (Fr.) Fr. [[double dagger]. NR] Polyporus squamosus (Huds.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Polyporus varius (Pers.) Fr. [dagger],[double dagger]] Poria attenuata (Peck) Sacc. [dagger] Poria bresadolae Bourdot & Galzin [double dagger], NR] Poria discolor Overh. [[double dagger], NR] Poria homaema Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Poria niphodes (Berk. & Broome) Sacc. [i. NR] Poria vitellina (Schwein.) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Poria xantholoma (Schwein.) Cooke [[double dagger]. NR] Poronidulus conchifer (Schwein.) Murrill [[double],[double dagger]] Postia caesia (Schrad.) P. Karst, [[double dagger]. NR] Postiafloriformis (Quel.) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Postia fragilis (Fr.) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Postia guttulata (Peck) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Postia tephroleuca (Fr.) Julich [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pycnoporellusfulgens (Fr.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Pycnoporus cinnabarinus (Jacq.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Pycnoporus sanguineus (L.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Rigidoporus crocatus (Pat.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Rigidoporus imeatus (Pers.) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Rigidoporus undatus (Pers.) Donk [[dagger]f, [double dagger]] Rigidoporus vitreus (Pers.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Sarcodontia setosa (Pers.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Scopuloides hydnoides (Cooke & Massee) Hjort stam & Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Skeletocutis alutacea (J. Lowe) Jean Keller [[double dagger], NR] Skeletocutis nivea (Jungh.) Jean Keller [[dagger], [double dagger]] Skeletocutis odora (Peck ex Sacc.) Ginns [[double dagger], NR] Solenia conferia Burt [[dagger]] Spar assis crispa (Wulfen) Fr. [[dagger]] Sparassis laminosa Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Spongipellis delectans (Peck) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Spongipellis pachyodon (Pers.) Kotl. & Pouzar [[dagger], [double dagger]] Spongipellis spumeus (Sowerby) Pat. [[double dagger], NR] Spongipellis unicolor (Schwein.) Murrill [[dagger], [double dagger]] Sporotriclium byssinum Link [[double dagger], NR] Sporotrichum chryseum Peck [[dagger]. [double dagger]] Steccherinum ciliolatum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb. & Budington [[double dagger], NR] Steccherinum fimbriatum (Pers.) J. Erikss. [double dagger]. NR] Steccherinum ochraceum (Pers. ex J.F. Gmel.) Gray [[dagger], [double dagger]] Terana caerulea (Schrad. ex Lam.) Kuntze [[dagger]] Trametes aesculi (Fr.) Justo [[double dagger], NR] Trameles cubensis (Mont.) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Trametesgibbosa (Pers.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Trametes hirsuta (Wulfen) Pilat [[double dagger], [double dagger]] Trametes ochracea (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Trametespubescens (Schumach.) Pilat [[dagger], [double dagger]] Trametes suaveolens (L.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Trametes versicolor (L.) Lloyd [[dagger], [double dagger]] Trametes villosa (Sw.) Kreisel [[double dagger], NR] Trametopsis cervina (Schwein.) Tomsovsky [[double dagger], NR] Trichaptum abietinum (Pers. ex J.F. Gmel.) Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Trichaptum biforme (Fr.) Ryvarden [[dagger], [double dagger]] Trichaptumsubchartaceum (Murrill) Ryvarden [[double dagger], NR] Tyromyces chioneus (Fr.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tyromycesfumidiceps G.F. Atk. [[double dagger], NR] Tyromycesgalactinus (Berk.) J. Lowe [[double dagger], NR] Wolfiporia dilatohypha Ryvarden & Gilb. [[double dagger]. NR] Wolfiporia extensa (Peck) Ginns [[dagger], [double dagger]]


Albatrellus cristatus (Schaeff.) Kotl. & Pouzar [[dagger], [double dagger] Aleurodiscus andinus Nunez & Ryvarden [[double dagger]. NR] Aleurodiscusoakesii(Berk. & M.A. Curtis)Pat. [[dagger], [double dagger] Artomycespyxidatus (Pers.) Julich [[dagger], [double dagger]] Asterostroma andinum Pat. [[double dagger], NR] Auriscalpium vulgare Gray [[dagger], [double dagger]] Bondarzewia berkeleyi (Fr.) Bondartsev & Singer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Chondrostereum purpureum (Pers.) Pouzar [[dagger], NR] Conferticium ochraceum (Fr.) Hallenb. [[double dagger], NR] Dichostereum granulosum (Fr.) Boidin & Lanq. [[dagger]] Gloeopeniophorella convolvens (P. Karst.) Boidin, Lanq. & Gilles [[double dagger], NR] Gloiodon strigosus (Sw.) P. Karst. [[dagger]] Hericium coralloides (Scop.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius affinis Peck [[dagger]] Lactarius aquizonatus Kytov. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius atroviridis Peck [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius camphoratus (Bull.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius carbonicola A.H. Sm. [[dagger]. NR] Lactarius chrysorrlieus Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius corrugis Peck [[dagger]] Lactarius deceptivus Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius deliciosus (L.) Gray [[dagger]] Lactarius distans Peck [[dagger]] Lactarius fragilis (Burl.) Hesler & A.H. Sm. [[dagger], NR] Lactariusfuliginellus A.H. Sm. & Hesler [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius fumosus Peck [[double dagger]. NR] Lactarius gerardii Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactariusglaucescens Crossl. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius griseus Peck [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius hygrophoroides var. hygrophoroides Berk. & M.A. Curtis [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius hygrophoroides var. lavandulaceus Hesler & A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius hysginus (Fr.) Fr. [[dagger]] Lactarius imperceptus Beardslee & Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius indigo (Schwein.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius insulsus (Fr.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius lignyotus Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius maculatipes Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius maculatus Peck [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius mutabilis Peck [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius piperatus (L.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactariusplumbeus (Bull.) Fr. [[dagger]] Lactariuspsammicola A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Lactariuspubescens Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Lactariuspyrogalus (Bull.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius quietus (Fr.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius quietus var. incanus Hesler & A.H. Sm.[ [double dagger], NR] Lactarius rufus (Scop.) Fr. [[dagger]] Lactarius scrobiculatus (Scop.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius serifluus (DC.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius sordidus Peck [[dagger]] Lactarius subplinthogalus Coker [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius subpurpureus Peck [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius subserifluus Longyear [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius subvernalis var. cokeri (A.H. Sm. & Hesler) Hesler & A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius tabidus Fr. [[dagger]] Lactarius trivialis (Fr.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Lactarius uvidus (Fr.) Fr. [[dagger]] Lactarius vellereus var. vellereus [[dagger]] Lactarius volemus var. flavus Hesler & A.H. Sm. [[double dagger], NR] Lactarius volemus var. volemus (Fr.) Fr. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Lactarius zonarius (Bull.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Lactifluus subvellereus (Peck) Nuytinck [[double dagger], NR] Lactifluus vellereus (Fr.) Kuntze [[double dagger], NR] Laxitextum bicolor (Pers.) Lentz [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Leaia stratosa (Berk.) Banker [[double dagger], NR] Lentinellus cochleatus (Pers.) P. Karst, [[double dagger]. NR] Lentinellus flabelliformis (Bolton) S. Ito [[double dagger], NR] Lentinellus micheneri (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pegler [[double dagger], NR] Lentinellus ursinus (Fr.) Kuhner [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Lentinellus vulpinus (Sowerby) Kuhner & Maire [[[dagger]]] Peniophora albobadia (Schwein.) Boidin [[double dagger], NR] Peniophora cinerea (Pers.) Cooke [[[dagger]]. [double dagger]] Peniophora erikssonii Boidin [[double dagger], NR] Peniophora erumpens (Burt) Boidin [[double dagger], NR] Peniophora filamentosa (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Moffatt [[double dagger], NR] Peniophora limitata (Chaillet ex Fr.) Cooke [[double dagger], NR] Peniophora nuda (Fr.) Bres. [[double dagger], NR] Peniophora rufa (Fr.) Boidin [[double dagger], NR] Peniophora versiformis (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Bourdot & Galzin [[double dagger], NR] Peniophora violaceolivida (Sommerf.) Massee [[double dagger], NR] Russula adulterina Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Russula adusta (Pers.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Russula aeruginea Lindblad [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula albonigra (Krombh.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Russula alutacea (Pers.) Fr. [[[dagger]]] Russula amoenolens Romagn. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula anomala Peck [[double dagger], NR] Russula atropurpurea (Krombh.) Britzelm. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula ballouii Peck [[double dagger], NR] Russula barlae Quel. [[double dagger], NR] Russula basifurcata Peck [[[dagger]]] Russula brevipes var. brevipes Peck [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula brunneoalba De Marb. [[double dagger], NR] Russula brunneola Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula brunneoviolacea Crawshay [[double dagger], NR] Russula chloroides (Krombh.) Bres. [[double dagger], NR] Russula cinerascens Beardslee [[double dagger], NR] Russula claroflava Grove [[double dagger], NR] Russula compacta Frost [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula corinthii-rubra Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula cremeirosea Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Russula crust osa Peck [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula cyanoxantha (Schaeff.) Fr. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula cyanoxantha var. variata (Banning) Singer [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula cystidiosa Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Russula decolorans (Fr.) Fr. [[[dagger]]] Russula delica Fr. [[[dagger]]] Russula densifolia Seer, ex Gillet [[[dagger]]] Russula disparilis Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula emetica (Schaeff.) Pers. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula flavida Frost [[double dagger], NR] Russula flavisiccans Bills [[double dagger], NR] Russula foetens Pers. [[[dagger]]] Russula font-queri Singer ex Singer [[double dagger], NR] Russula fragilis Fr. [[[dagger]]] Russula fragiloides Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Russula flagrantissima Romagn. [[double dagger], NR] Russula fucosa Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula fur cat a (Lam.) Pers. [[[dagger]]] Russula galochroa (Fr.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Russula granulata Peck [[[dagger]]] Russula heterophylla (Fr.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Russula humidicola Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula incarnaticeps Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Russula ionochlora Romagn. [[double dagger], NR] Russula languida Cern. & H. Raab [[[dagger]]] Russula laurocerasi Melzer [[double dagger], NR] Russula luteobasis Peck [[double dagger], NR] Russula luteofolia Fatto [[double dagger], NR] Russula macropoda Singer [[double dagger], NR] Russula mariae Peck [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula micbiganensis Shaffer [[double dagger], NR] Russula modesta Peck [[double dagger], NR] Russula nigricans Fr. [[[dagger]]] Russula ochricompacta Bills & O.K. Mill, [[double dagger], NR] Russula ochrophylla Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Russula operta Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula ornaticeps Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula paludosa Britzelm. [[double dagger], NR] Russula pectinata Fr. [[[dagger]]] Russula pectinatoides Peck [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula pseudointegra Arnould & Goris ex R. Maire [[double dagger], NR] Russula pseudolepida Singer [[double dagger], NR] Russula puellaris Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Russula pulchra Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula pulverulenta Peck [[double dagger], NR] Russula purpurina Quel. & Schulzer [[[dagger]]] Russula pusilla Peck [[double dagger], NR) Russula redolens Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula rosea Pers. [[[dagger]]] Russula rubescens Beardslee [[double dagger], NR] Russula rubriceps (Kauffman) Singer [[double dagger], NR] Russula seperina Dupain [[double dagger], NR] Russula sericeonitens Kauffman [[double dagger], NR] Russula silvicola Schaffer [[double dagger], NR] Russula sordida Peck [[[dagger]]] Russula squalida Peck [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula subfoetens W.G. Sm. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula subgraminicolor Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Russula subpunctata Kauffman [[double dagger], NR] Russula subsericeonitens Murrill [[double dagger], NR] Russula subtilis Burl. [[double dagger], NR] Russula uncialis Peck [[double dagger], NR] Russula vesca Fr. [[[dagger]]] Russula veternosa Fr. [[[dagger]]] Russula virescens (Schaeff.) Fr. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Russula xerampelina (Schaeff.) Fr. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Scytinostroma galactinum (Fr.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Scytinostroma portentosum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Scytinostroma protrusum (Burt) Nakasone [[double dagger], NR] Scytinostromella arachnoidea (Peck) Hjortstam [[[dagger]]] Stereum complicatum (Fr.) Fr. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Stereum gausapatum (Fr.) Fr. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Stereum hirsutum (Willd.) Pers. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Stereum ochraceoflavum (Schwein.) Sacc. [[double dagger], NR] Stereum ostrea (Blume & T. Nees) Fr. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Stereum striatum (Fr.) Fr. [[[dagger]], [double dagger]] Stereum versicolor (Sw.) Fr. [[dagger]], [[double dagger]] Vararia investiens (Schwein.) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR] Xylobolus frustulatus (Pers.) Boidin [[dagger], [double dagger]] Xylobolus subpileatus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Boidin [[double dagger], NR]


Septobasidiumpteruloides (Mont.) Pat. [[double dagger], NR]


Hydnellum aurantiacum (Batsch) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR]

Hydnellum caeruleum (Hornern.) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellum complicatum Banker [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellum concrescens (Pers.) Banker [[dagger], [double dagger]] Hydnellum ferrugineum (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellum scrobiculatum (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Hydnellum spongiosipes (Peck) Pouzar [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellodon atratus K.A. Harrison [[double dagger], NR] Phellodon confluem (Pers.) Pouzar [[double dagger], NR] Phellodon melaleucus (Sw. ex Fr.) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR] Phellodon niger (Fr.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Phellodon tomentosus (L.) Banker [[double dagger], NR] Sarcodon fennicus (P. Karst.) P. Karst, [[double dagger], NR] Sarcodon imbricatus (L.) P. Karst, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Sarcodon scabrosus (Fr.) P. Karst. [[double dagger], NR] Sarcodon thwaitesii (Berk. & Broome) Maas Geest. [[dagger]] Sarcodon versipellis (Fr.) Nikol. [[double dagger], NR] Thelephora albidobrunnea Schwein. [[double dagger], NR] Thelephora anthocephala (Bull.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Thelephora caryopliyllea (Schaeff.) Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Thelephora cuticularis Berk, [[double dagger], NR] Thelephora intybacea Pers. [[double dagger], NR] Thelephora multipartita Schwein, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Thelephora palmata (Scop.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Thelephora penicillata (Pers.) Fr. [[double dagger], NR] Thelephora regularis Schwein, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Thelephora schweinitzii Peck [[dagger]] Thelephora spongiosa Schwein. [[double dagger], NR] Thelephora terrestris Ehrh. [[double dagger], NR] Thelephora vialis Schwein. [[double dagger], NR] Tomentella botryoides (Schwein.) Bourdot & Galzin [[double dagger], NR] Tomentella bryophila (Pers.) M.J. Larsen [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tomentella crinalis (Fr.) M.J. Larsen [[dagger]] Tomentella fusca (Pers.) J. Schrot. [[double dagger], NR] Tomentella lapida (Pers.) Stalpers [[double dagger], NR] Tomentella rubiginosa (Bres.) Maire [[double dagger], NR]


Subulicystidium brachysporum (P.H.B. Talbot & V.C.Green) Julich [[double dagger], NR] Subulicystidium longisporum (Pat.) Parmasto [[double dagger],NR] Trechisporafarinacea (Pers.) Liberta [[double dagger], NR] Trechisporafastidiosa (Pers.) Liberta [[double dagger], NR] Trechispora mollusca (Pers.) Liberta [[double dagger], NR] Trechispora stevensonii (Berk. & Broome) K.H. Larss. [[double dagger], NR]


Basidiodendron caesiocinereum (Hohn. & Litsch.) Luck-Allen [[double dagger], NR] Basidiodendron eyrei (Wakef.) Luck-Allen [[double dagger], NR] Ductiferapululahuana (Pat.) Wells [[double dagger], NR] Eichleriella deglubens (Berk. & Broome) D.A. Reid [[double dagger], NR] Exidia alba (Lloyd) Burt [[double dagger], NR] Exidia glandulosa (Bull.) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Exidia nucleata (Schwein.) Burt [[double dagger], NR] Exidia recisa (Ditmar) Fr. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Gloeotromera alba (Lloyd) Ervin [[double dagger], NR] Gloeotromerapululahuana (Pat.) Ervin [[double dagger], NR] Myxarium hyalinum (Pers.) Donk [[double dagger], NR] Pseudohydnum gelatinosum (Scop.) P. Karst, [[dagger]] Sebacina concrescens (Schwein.) P. Roberts [[double dagger], NR] Sebacina epigaea (Berk. & Broome) Neuhoff [[dagger]] Sebacina incrustons (Pers.) Tul. & C. Tul. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Syzygospora mycetophila (Peck) Ginns [[dagger]] Tremella albida Huds. [[dagger]] Tremella foliacea Pers. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tremella fuciformis Berk, [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tremella mesenterica (Schaeff.) Retz. [[dagger], [double dagger]] Tremella reticulata (Berk.) Farl. [[double dagger], NR] Tremella sparassoidea Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Tremella vesicaria Bull. [[double dagger], NR]


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Manuscript received 18 January 2017, revised 18 July 2017.

Scott T. Bates (1), Justin Golday, Rachel L. Kunnen (2) and Nathanael J. Pilla (3): Department of Biological Sciences. Purdue University Northwest, Westville, IN 46391 USA

(1) Corresponding author: Scott T. Bales, 219-785-577 (phone),

(2) Undergraduate student.

(3) Graduate student.

Caption: Figure 1-3.--Indiana maerofungi. A wide range of fungal diversity can be found within the state of Indiana, including macroscopic fruiting bodies recognizable as (1) mushrooms (Marasmius sp.), (2) turkey-tail fungi (Trametes sp.), and (3) stink horns (Mutinus sp.).

Caption: Figure 4.--Number of fungal specimens collected per year from Indiana and deposited within various collections in the United States and Canada (an early specimen collected in 1804 is not included here in order to simplify the plot).
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Date:Jan 1, 2017

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