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The best of your emails and texts Try the King George Why not a crack at the King George with Sariska if the ground is right? There would still be a long enough break until the Arc, where the opposition will be a lot tougher. If they do not think she is better than Harbinger, who is second favourite, what's the point of her staying in training? shippy37 Amazing empathy I remember being in the parade ring at Newmarket to look at Dieses before he ran in the Middle Park. When the horse saw Henry Cecil he just stopped in his tracks until he went up to reassure him. The empathy was just amazing.

andrewfromyork Lifetime recognition Here's a thought for Racing For Change. Rather than backing Tony McCoy for Sports Personality, would there be a more fitting recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award than Henry Cecil? Andrew Pellis Chapman underused In the Post's World Cup of Racing it came as no surprise that Matt Chapman blew away the opposition.

I think he is underused. I suspect most punters viewing the racing channels are around my age, which is a pity because Chappers would be a smash hit with a younger audience. His high-powered blend of enthusiasm and cheek would sit nicely with them. Who better to sell them the huge adrenalin rush you get from racing and betting? Graham Smith Dignity lacking So Nick Robinson (Letters, Friday) thinks Derby winner Workforce has a "rather mundane name". Whatever happened to the dignity of labour? Cynical Sid, Surbiton
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2010
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