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Pot calling the kettle James Knight in 'Job in Focus' reckons it's "hard to imagine a more tedious way of making money" than the one the arbers pursue, and gambling on horses should not be about "locking in a tiny profit". You don't work for a bookmaker do you James? Perish the thought that your employer would ever do something similar.

Mike Bell, Ashford Is it any wonder?

On the day the Racing Post carries a story about the need to attract more young people to our sport, James Knight of Coral states in his 'Job In Focus' that the hardest part of his job is to find horses who are actually trying on any given day in low-grade racing!

Bob, Trowbridge It will never be firm again You can say for sure that the word firm will never appear in the going description at the Cheltenham Festival ever again.

Pity the owners of horses who like the going on the quick side.

Simon, Somerset Threat to sponsorship Racing will be lucky if sponsorship doesn't drop by 75 per cent or more as deals unwind in the future.

BJ, Lancaster
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Feb 25, 2009
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