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World is Mac's oyster

Isn't this the moment for John McCririck to become the next Michael Palin, travelling the world with the Booby, giving a unique perspective on some of the world's big treks? 'Backpack with Mac' would be splendid viewing.John, you're a one-off.

Mike Bell

Icing on my cake

A cracking Cheltenham and then the news that there will be less McCririck in future. Can things get any better?

Pete, Witherley

Channel 4 out of line

Channel 4 have lost the plot if they think removing McCririck is a step in the right direction. What next? Axe Francome and start the Morning Line at 7am perhaps?

Graham Smith

Pity the poor Booby

What horrible news for the Booby, finding out that McCririck will be spending 18 more Saturdays at home. Poor lady! Better renew his season ticket at St James's.

Jon, N. Yorks

Time to move on?

Big Mac has always been the punters' friend, but perhaps his approach is out of date in 2008.

Stewart, Gloucestershire
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Mar 19, 2008
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