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Byline: By Rachel Mainwaring Wales on Sunday

Are you feeling overweight, sapped of energy and downright unhealthy?

Help is at hand - you can kick-start your immune system, fight the flab and look and feel younger in just a week. RACHEL MAINWARING presents The Life Detox by lifestyle guru Amanda Hamilton and life coach Sandy Newbigging, who say their seven-day plan will help you overcome stress, break bad habits and cope with those ups and downs...


nWeight loss and reduction in cellulite

Losing excess weight is a welcome side effect of the detox and it can also help banish cellulite as well. This 'toxic fat' is a sign of a congested inner environment. It gathers around the hips, thighs and bottom and can be reduced when the fat cells are reduced.

nReduced blood pressure and cholesterol

By reducing saturated fats and sodium associated with processed foods and increasing the intake of fibrous fruit and vegetables as well as essential fatty acids, the body has the nutrition it needs to put itself back in balance.

nImproved skin

A chronic skin condition is a sign of inner problems. If the problem is acne then the reduction in hormone residue from toxic food will certainly help. Conditions such as eczema or psoriasis often have genetic predispositions but, even so, it is possible to alleviate and even remove symptoms of skin problems through detoxification.

nEnhanced vitality

We could all do with more energy at times but it is when we become tired of being tired that we need to worry. Imagine how it would feel to have energy all the time. Vitality is a gift you give yourself if you invest a bit of that energy into detoxing every now and then.

nImproved digestion

Money spent on nutritional supplements can be wasted if your internal drainage system is clogged up so certain nutrients cannot be absorbed. Toxins can leak from a sluggish gut into the bloodstream, causing allergy-type symptoms, lethargy and headaches. Improving bowel function could also make a difference to every aspect of your health.

nImproved fertility for women

It is estimated that one in seven couples have trouble conceiving or maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Nutrition is fundamental to preparing the body for successful conception and is vital for the developing baby.

Detox is a natural, easy and cheap way to help boost your body's ability to conceive and carry a baby successfully to full term, but both parents need to do this to achieve the benefits. You should detox before getting pregnant, ideally about three months before trying for a baby.

nRelief from chronic health problems

Anyone who has experienced symptoms of migraine, IBS or stress for years can experience huge relief from detox. Working at the root cause of problems, it solves issues from the inside out.

nHeightened immune systems

Like all systems in your body, your immune system gets a boost when it is fed the right nutrients. The Life Detox is jam-packed with the vitamins and antioxidants essential for keeping your system working well.

nMind benefits

If you are carrying around a truckload of toxic thoughts about who you are, what you can't be, or what you can't have, you will severely limit your enjoyment in life and your success. Also, if you hold on to unresolved negative emotions, you can experience disease within your body and your mind. By detoxing your mind when detoxing your body you can free yourself from toxic emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt and grief. Stop bad habits and change conclusions that corrode your life enjoyment and success. Reduce stress and feel calm, confident and content in any situation. Resolve conflict with your family, friends and colleagues. Enhance mental clarity and creativity for massively improved results.


nAvoid wheat

Cut out biscuits, bread, cakes and pasta and opt for oatcakes, rice cakes, rye bread, rice, buckwheat and spelt.

nAvoid dairy

Banish milk, cheese, ice-cream and cream but small amounts of butter and eggs are fine. Try soya milk or rice milk and eat soya yoghurts.

nChoose organic food

It's free from pesticides and harmful additives and contains more vitamins and minerals that non-organically farmed food.

nAvoid additives and drinks with artificial sweeteners

It's 'fake' food and becomes toxic to the body.

nRead the label on packaged foods

Avoid anything with hydrogenated fats. Trans-fats are found in most processed foods and can promote heart disease.

nCut down on meat

Don't eat too much salty bacon and only buy organic meat if you can. Try beans, peas and lentils as a healthy and easy alternative.

nGo alternative for cleaning and gardening

Don't use conventional household cleaners and opt for natural brands, like Mypure, instead. Avoid pesticides and insecticides in the garden.

nBe beautiful but non-toxic

Traditional beauty products like nail varnish remover, perfume, make-up and skincare all contain potential skin irritants as well as chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin.

Spray perfume on clothes instead of directly on skin and use aluminium-free deodorant.

nStore foods in glass or ceramic containers

Food wrapped in plastic can absorb chemicals from the container.

nDrink more pure water

Go for a jug filter and try to buy bottled water in a glass bottle. Fizzy water should be avoided.

nTake multivitamin and mineral supplements

This will boost your body's natural detox capability.

nCook foods lightly

Frying should be avoided and browning food through grilling and baking creates harmful free radicals. Try rapid stir-frying and steaming.

nBoost your detox superfoods

Try to include wheatgerms and barley grass into your daily diet and sea vegetables like dried seaweed.

nCut out caffeine, reduce your alcohol and/ or nicotine intake

Reduce your intake a little each day and your body will gradually adjust. Combined with a nutritious diet, some cravings may subside.

nReduce mobile phone and TV usage

Don't charge your mobile in the bedroom at night and avoid watching TV in bed. Your body does its healing work at night - aim for lights out by 10.30pm during detox.


In the book, Amanda and Sam provide a whole host of recipes and boosters to help clear your mind and body of toxins. Here's an example of the sort of things you'd have to eat on a typical detox day...

nUpon rising: Two slices of lemon or lime in hot water

nDaily body exercise: Yoga workout or skipping

nJump-out-of-bed juice: Whizz up some fruit

nLiver-loving lunch: Tomato and bean soup plus one of following; four oatcakes, four rice cakes or two slices of rye bread

nAfternoon pick-me-up: Small handful of nuts and seeds

Detox two-course dinner: Salad and chilli con veggie

Optional body booster: 30- minute outdoor workout

The Life Detox is available from Piatkus for pounds 12.99
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Date:Jul 1, 2007
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