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CGM: Creativity and Goal Modeling.

Project reference: 627489

Duration: From 2014-09-22 to 2016-09-21

Total cost: EUR 221 606

EU contribution: EUR 221 606

Objective: The proposal will exploit the synergies between creativity analysis, and goal modeling and analysis techniques, developing methods, languages, analysis procedures, and tools which provide structured support for creative requirements analysis. Creativity techniques as applied to Requirements Engineering (RE) focus on finding novel and appropriate requirements, facilitating system and business innovation. However, the output of such techniques is not well-structured, and is not amenable to any type of (semi-) automated analysis, including techniques which may help select amongst alternative creative ideas or requirements. Goal modeling and analysis captures stakeholder goals and requirements, with structured models allowing for (semi-) automated analysis, discovering emergent model properties, and finding optimal selections over alternative requirements.In this proposal we will perform a bidirectional integration of approaches, using creativity techniques to populate goal models with creative alternatives, and using the content and structure of goal models to facilitate exploratory, transformational, and combinatorial creativity analysis. Our project places a special focus on techniques which populate goal models with creative alternatives capturing existing available technologies (apps, services).We will assess the capability of existing goal modeling techniques to represent creative concepts and facilitate creative analysis, modifying or extending languages or analysis procedures as necessary. The capabilities of existing creativity and RE modeling tools will be assessed in order to combine and extend tools to facilitate RE creativity.Project outputs will be validated with initial exploratory studies using past project data, experiments testing benefits in controlled environments, and industrial studies using outputs in practice. Project outcomes will better facilitate practitioner s desire for creative analysis and innovation in systems development.

country :United Kingdom

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 13, 2014
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