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CERT Health Sciences Introduces Innovative Approach to Healing Back Pain without Surgery; SpineMED Decompression Table Rehydrates Spinal Discs to Relieve Pain Associated with Compressed and Degenerative Discs.

BALTIMORE -- CERT Health Sciences, LLC, the leader in spinal rehydration and restoration, today announced SpineMED(TM), the next generation of spinal decompression technology. The SpineMED decompression table is able to isolate and rehydrate debilitated spinal discs offering long-term relief without the use of narcotics, physical therapy or surgery.

Trauma, congenital disorders, lifestyle choices and just plain aging all have a harmful effect on the spine. Over time, pressure on the spine causes compression of spinal discs, which can cause debilitating pain in the back, legs and sciatica. With approximately 86 percent of patients achieving long-term pain relief, spinal decompression and rehydration therapies can alleviate the pain associated with these types of injuries and reverse the effects. In just four weeks of treatment with SpineMED, patients are virtually pain-free.

"My patients who are suffering from chronic pain due to disc trauma are seeing excellent results from the SpineMED therapy," said Dr. Melvin D'Souza, a doctor of chiropractic in the Chicago area. "SpineMED is reversing the damage to my patients' backs and is greatly improving their quality of life."

How it Works

The spine is made up of 24 vertebrae separated by fluid-filled discs that cushion and protect the spine and spinal cord. These discs get valuable nutrition through osmosis. When a disc is compressed, the flow of nutrients and fluid are further depleted which can cause the disc to prematurely degenerate, which can lead to facet arthrosis and low back pain. Extreme compression can cause the disc wall to break apart or even rupture.

The SpineMED S200B/C uses the latest advances in technology and offers a first of-its-kind Pelvic Restraint System. This patent-pending system provides a number of improvements to patient comfort, patient suitability, and clinical efficiency that cannot be found on any other decompression table. Unlike traditional harnesses that are cumbersome and uncomfortable, the SpineMED pelvic restraint system captures any patient physique comfortably and accurately eliminating treatment interruptions by harness malfunctions. Because the patient is accurately positioned by the SpineMED patent pending pelvic tilt system, specific spinal segments can be targeted for the precise treatment of identified pathology. This feature eliminates the unnecessary treatment of additional segments, and any resulting side effects. In addition, this efficient system allows for treatment tensions that are typically 50 percent lower than what is required by the older technologies, further improving clinical results, and reducing side effects found on harness-style units.

Also unique to SpineMED is its feedback-loop system that monitors the instantaneous table tension being applied to the patient's spine every 2.5 milliseconds, and will make any necessary adjustments every 20 milliseconds. This is 30 milliseconds faster than the human brain can react, ensuring the maximum effect of the treatment.

New Features:

The latest SpineMED S200B/C models are built on an entirely new software and database platform offering unlimited expandability for future development.

Enhancements include:

--Expanded reporting capabilities with integrated user customizable reports.

--New server with the ability to send patient data to up to 35 SpineMED tables in a clinic over a secure wireless network.

--LCD video monitor integrated into the table allowing patient viewing of treatment progress, DVDs or cable TV entertainment.

--Incorporated upper restraint system that further improves force application efficiency by 12%.

--Further computer enhancements that allow upgrade of software and uploading of firmware to the table microprocessor via modem.


The SpineMED sells for $95,000 for the S200B Lumbar only unit, or $119,000 for the lumbar/cervical combo, which includes shipping, installation, training, and a two year parts and labor warranty.

About CERT Health Sciences:

CERT Health Services, LLC is the world leader in the modern science of non-surgical spine care and maker of the SpineMED(TM) distraction table. CERT was founded by a group of experts in the field of back pain and decompression therapies to provide a safe and effective way to permanently alleviate back pain. CERT Health Sciences, LLC developed innovative, proprietary technology and products that alleviate lower back pain without the need for surgery or the use of short term remedies such as anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, or traditional chiropractic treatment. For more information, visit or
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Date:Mar 6, 2006
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