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CEOs Are Sexiest, Online Dating Study Determines.

Byline: Michael Muckian

There was a time when a man in uniform set female hearts aflutter. The situation hasn't changed, but today that uniform is a well-tailored business suit, silk tie and the perceived accompanying executive income.

When judging professional positions, the sexiest men in America today are corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs, according to online dating site Women always have been attracted to successful men, but a recent survey by the dating-for-dollars website qualified that assumption.

The website, which offers dating auction services, polled 145,000 of its male users to find out which professions attracted the most date offers. The top 10 professions by title are:

1. CEO / Entrepreneur 98%

2. Financial Advisor 96%

3. Software Developer 93%

4. Lawyer 90%

5. Business Consultant 88%

6. Physician 87%

7. Real Estate Developer 85%

8. Marketing / Ad Executive 83%

9. Architect 78%

10. Engineer 72%

Entrepreneurs made up 25% of the male users on the website and the study showed these men topped the list with the highest percentage of date offers.

"Doctors and lawyers are successful, no doubt," CEO/founder Brandon Wade said. "But women find it sexier when a man takes great risks to successfully build his own business from the ground up."

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Publication:Credit Union Times
Date:Mar 16, 2015
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