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Introducing Sarasota's most accurate laser vision technology.

After more than a decade of pioneering breakthrough medical technology and advanced surgical techniques, the world-class eye surgeons at Center For Sight find themselves once again at the forefront of the eye-care industry. They are introducing Sarasota's first LADARVision(R) Excimer Laser, a third-generation Excimer laser that employs space-age laser tracking technology originally developed by NASA.

"For everyone still wearing glasses or contacts, our LADARVision(R) system represents an entirely new way to see," says renowned, board-certified corneal specialist F. Michael Cornell, M.D., director of laser vision services at Center For Sight. "This is absolutely the laser we've all been waiting for."

Center for Sight is recognized as one of the nation's leading eye-care facilities, and the introduction of the LADARVision(R) system represents another "first" in its ongoing commitment to eye-care excellence. "We've built a reputation of excellence by staying focused and offering patients an unsurpassed level of personalized patient care," says board-certified ophthalmologist David W. Shoemaker, M.D., founder and medical director of Center For Sight. "That's why we're investing more than $1 million in bringing this revolutionary technology to the people of Sarasota."

Dr. Cornell, fellowship-trained at Emory University, and Dr. Shoemaker waited to bring laser vision correction to Sarasota until they felt the technology was more accurate and more predictable.

"Without an active, fast, eye-tracking system, any eye movement made during the procedure can affect the placement of the laser beam, thereby affecting the patient's results," Dr. Shoemaker says. "Our LADARVision(R) system has the ability to check eye position 4,000 times per second, so even involuntary eye movements are precisely compensated for by our laser."

In the past year, laser vision correction has become extremely popular with the general public and celebrities alike, with more than one million LASIK procedures performed in the United States. "When celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Nicole Kidman, Tray Aikman, Cindy Crawford and Greg Maddox--who had laser vision correction between starts for the Atlanta Braves--are having LASIK, it shows you how popular and effective this procedure has become," Dr. Cornell says.
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Publication:Sarasota Magazine
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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