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Young baron Greg: 'It's an honour' A YOUNG baron says it is "an honour" to hold the title - even though he's only 28.

North Wales aristocrat Greg Mostyn is the 7th Lord Mostyn who is worth PS48m.

This puts him just behind Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on The Times rich list. Yet Greg says "the most important thing" is concentrating on his "duty" to Llandudno, laid out by the Mostyn family in 1849.

Historic pier to reopen One of Wales' historic piers is to reopen a week today after a PS2.4m refurbishment.

After months of regeneration work, the landmark Penarth pier is set to reopen its doors on Sunday, December 1. With a licensed bar, cafe and restaurant, and a 70-seater cinema, residents will be able to enjoy the entire facility for the first time.

Pier pavilion boss David Trotman said: "We can't wait. It will be like Christmas Day coming early when we open these doors at 10am. It's going to be a wonderful day for us, Penarth and for Wales."

BRUCE FORSYTH BACK in 2010, Channel Four screened a documentary which showed the enduring (read: not yet dead) light entertainer in a Strictly unflattering light. A Louis Theroux-esque, softlysoftly-style stitch-up, Living With Brucie showed there were two distinct sides to the 85-year-old Come Dancing star - on-screen and off.

Having shadowed him for six months between his Puerto Rico holiday pad and his Wentworth pile, the assembled footage ended up displaying Forsyth as a slightly narky, OCD'd Methuselah who, in between pulling Miss Worlds, fretted about the elastcitiy of his DVT golfing socks and obsessed over the even spacing of blueberries in his morning porridge.

Still, it was still preferable to watching Brucie doing one of his famous soft-shoe shuffle routines, a move which has increasingly come to make him resemble a befuddled OAP slipping around on spilt Complan in the powdered aisle of his local Waitrose.

Nice to see him? To see him not so much.

LEO SAYER BACK in 2001 when Celebrity Big Brother first started out one could at least be assured that these semifamous showbiz personalities were appearing for a good cause - ie. Comic Relief.

Ever since then though it's been surviving purely on the individual egos of the "slebs" concerned and an ever-decreasing level of public good will. However, that isn't to say that the odd shouting match, teary break-down or international race storm doesn't make for interesting viewing every now and again.

But who'd have thought that, back in 2007, the biggest troublemaker of all would be curly permed easy-listtening legend Leo Sayer.

That's right, the happy little chappie with the frizzy do and high voice who was forever being pictured mid-star jump on the majority of his album covers throughout the '70s. His regular petulant outbursts and a scary obsession with cleanliness resulted in him having a monumental melt-down, the apex of which came when he realised he'd run out of fresh underpants.

"It's insanitary, it's unclean, it's bulls**t - I'm outta here!" he yelled before kicking open a fire door and tussling with security men.

BILLY BOB THORNTON HAVING carved a career - not to mention an inexplicable period as Mr Angelina Jolie - out of being the archetypal Southern gentleman, US actor Billy Bob Thornton showed his less than good manners during a radio interview in 2009.

On air to promote his latest musical side project - a "nope, never heard of them before" rock and roll outfit called The Boxmasters - Billy Bob apparently took umbrage with the show's presenter alluding to his day job as an "Oscar-winning actor and scriptwriter." "You were asked not to talk about that," he snapped, before proceeding to answer the next 13 minutes of questions with a stony, blank-eyed, "I don't know what you're talking about."

MICKEY ROURKE RENOWNED for being one of Hollywoods notorious hellraisers - a man not adverse during his heavy-drinking heyday to a spot of fisticuffs both in and out of the boxing ring - Mickey Rourke revealed his sensitive side when he accepted a gong at the Independent Spirit movie awards in LA in 2009.

Back in the spotlight again after years spent in exile courtesy of his general bad boy behaviour - during which he stamped on the toes of pretty much every Tinseltown big wig from Santa Monica to San Bernardino - the big screen bruiser was soon overcome with the emotion of the moment.

"I've been getting thousands of cards and letters from people about my dog who died six days ago," he said, namechecking the elderly chihuahua who'd been his constant companion throughout the wilderness years.

"This for you baby," he added, before tearfully choking up.

Soppy sod.

TYRA BANKS OKAY, so while no one in their right mind would suggest the world of supermodelling is a bitchfree idyll where everyone plaits each other's hair and compliments their shoes, but we always thought Tyra Banks was such a nice girl.

The touchy feely presenter of the America's Next Model competition for walking clothes-horses, she's always been the epitome of cool, calm collectedness and mother hen-type good sense.

It came as quite shock then in 2005 to see her tearing strips of one little madam of a contestant who kept pushing her luck too far.

Turning an apoplectic shade of purple to match her eye shadow, she delivered the parental 'pull-your-socks up' monologue from hell, raging: "We were rooting for you, we all were - how dare you! "You got to bed at night and you take responsibilty for yourself - you don't know where the hell I've come from or what I've been through."

A surprises go it was tantamount to watching Oprah Winfrey headbutting a kitten.


Rebecca Adlington showering and feeling emotional in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here after body image doubts sparked by Amy Willerton, inset
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