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CELEBRATIONS: Celebrating ... your new arrivals in Coventry and Warwickshire.


HOLLY BURDETT and Lee Hollis, of Vincent Street, Spon End, were delighted when a sister came along for their other daughter, Elise.

Elise loves to play with her little sister and rattles her little sunflower toy to amuse her.


How did you decide on her name?

It was going to be Freya but my boyfriend didn't like that so we agreed on Georgia-Leigh.

When was she born?

She was born on June 4.

How much did she weigh?

8lb 7oz

Who does she look like?

She looked like me when she was born but now she looks more like her dad. She has blue eyes and blondie/brown hair.


NIKKI RIGBY and Phil Gray, of Poole Road, Radford, Coventry, would like to announce the birth of their baby girl Charlotte Gray, who was born on May 16, at Walsgrave Hospital, weighing 7lb 3oz.


What's Charlotte like?

She has a really good personality, a really happy baby. She's just started teething, which is a bit of a nightmare for her, and she's trying to sit up.

What do you do to keep her entertained?

Anything we can! She has a little stuffed cat she quite likes.

Who does she look like?

She most resembles her dad, she has his eyes and nose.


NEWLY WEDS Stephanie and Craig Wootton would like to spread the good news of the arrival of their second daughter, Skye. The couple, of George Street, Foleshill, were married on August 23 and also have another daughter, Taylor, who is 17 months old.


How did you decide on the baby's name?

My husband picked the name Skye, I don't know where he got it from but he just liked the name. He did originally want Anastacia for her first name, after the singer, but I didn't want that for her as a first name so we had it as a middle name. Ellen is also her middle name, after my nan. My middle name is Ellen too.

When was the baby born?

Skye was born on April 23. She was in a special care unit for the first week but she is doing really well now.

How much did she weigh?

8lb 2oz

What habits and characteristics does she have?

She watches her sister play. She is more interested in that than playing with any toys. There is quite a nice age gap between the two sisters, Taylor is 17 months old. Skye will sit there and rock backwards and forwards, she can near enough do that now without anysupport.

How is Taylor getting on with her little sister?

Fine. She has never been jealous and she puts blankets on her and fetches teddies for her and that sort of thing.

Who does Skye look like?

Definitely her dad. Both girls resemble their dad, but Skye does particularly.


KAREN UNDERWOOD, of Radford, would like to welcome the arrival of her second bundle of joy, Kaici Jaimes, into her life. She also has a daughter Abbi-Jai. Born on May 13, Kaici weighed in at 6lb 10 1/2oz. Andy Pandy is his favourite toy, but the thing he really loves is his big sister.


How did you decide on the baby's name?

I decided on Kaici Jaimes right from the beginning. I like unusual names and I also wanted something different because his sister has an unusual name.

What do you do to entertain him?

I can leave him in a room with Abbi and she will look after him she is really good with him. She plays with him and sometimes sings to him to keep him occupied. He loves music and entertains himself with all his toys.

Any other information?

I was in hospital for eight weeks with symphysis dysfunction after the birth. I had to get around on crutches for a while as it affected my walking. My mum and dad stepped in to look after Abbi which I would like to thank them for.
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Date:Oct 14, 2003
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