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CEL set to boost CIMA's global image.

A new company, CIMA Enterprises Ltd (CEL), is set to prove that CIMA means business as well as supporting it. Council approved the establishment of the limited company at a busy meeting last month so that the institute can develop its commercial expertise and raise important revenue to support CIMA activities. Council members will be sitting on the board of CEL as non-executive directors and Maurice Cheng, director of members' services, will be its managing director.

Promoting CIMA to a wider audience was an area of particular concern to council. Bill Connell, council member, has been appointed chairman of the financial and management accounting committee of the International Federation of Accountants, which will greatly improve CIMA's profile internationally. The re-launch of the magazine, meanwhile, which included splitting the title into two dedicated tides for members and students along with a nevi name and editorial remit, was considered a positive step in publicising CIMA to a wider business audience.

Reflecting CIMA's business focus, council also approved an initiative to enable CIMA members to gain exemptions into MBA qualifications and, eventually, for MBA holders to gain exemptions into the CIMA qualification.

At the same time, the student affairs directorate, which had the unfortunate acronym SAD, was renamed the student development directorate. The student affairs committee is now the student development committee and business development managers are now simply business managers.

Closer to home, council heard that the members services committee has introduced a new local event support strategy (Biz.Net), along with a scheme for members' benefits which will provide members with a higher level of service quality and choice.

The council regulations have also been amended to reflect changing needs over disciplinary matters. Members and registered students are now required to inform the institute if they have been subject to disciplinary sanction by another body or tribunal, or found guilty of a criminal or civil offence which may be relevant to their membership/registration. Fines have been set at a maximum of 2,000 [pounds sterling] for members and 500 [pounds sterling] for students under regulation 6.3(iii), with an unlimited fine for members (2,000 [pounds sterling] for students) under regulation 6.5 (vi). Details on the disciplinary process, including appeals, are available from the professional standards directorate at CIMA on +44 (0)20 7637 2311.
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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