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CEEES study day covers reliability in renewable energy.

A study day on Reliability and Efficiency in Renewable Energy Sources was held in Bruges on 22 February, writes David Richards. This CEEES study day was organised by the Belgium Society of Testing and Environmental Engineering (BSTEE), the Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab (OWI-lab) and Sirris.

A presentation by Nikolaas Van Riet of SIRRIS addressed the need for very large climatic chambers for extreme temperature testing of wind turbine equipment. The very large chamber, described in the presentation, was mostly was used for cold testing. However, it needed to handle very large and heavy equipment. The chamber had facilities to allow large wind turbine generators and their associated equipment to be operated during thermal conditioning.

A presentation on the Dynamic Monitoring of Offshore Wind Farms, was made jointly by the Vrije Universteit Brussel and SIRIUS. The presentation described work, undertaken on an offshore wind turbine to monitor its structural responses, to identify whether the foundations were been undermined by the sea and whether corrosion was affecting the structure. Techniques were presented which had been used to establish the modal properties of a working turbine.

The same offshore wind turbine, as used for the dynamic monitoring exercise, was also used to monitor continuous corrosion of the foundation structures. This presentation was given by Yves Van Ingelgem, of the Vrije Universteit Brussel. It addressed a number of forms of corrosion. However, the continuous monitoring was mostly focused on the grout joint between the foundation and the main turbine mast.

Other presentations included: Performance Monitoring of Offshore Wind Farms; and Challenges in Monitoring of Offshore Wind Turbine Drive Trains. The presentations are on the website

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Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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