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CECO says its rMAX[TM] valve (patent pending) is becoming the replacement valve of choice for operators of high-speed compressors who are looking for a longer valve life while matching the flow of plate valves. The company says the valve will run much longer than conventional plate valves, especially in "dirty" or "wet gas" applications. When the valve was in development, CECO says CenterPoint Energy contacted CECO about an unusually high valve failure rate at one of CenterPoint's compressor stations. Contaminates in the gas stream were causing station hands to replace or repair valves frequently sometimes every one or two weeks. CECO engineers suggested the rMAX[TM] valves. Now, two years later, the rMAX high-speed poppet valves are "still going strong," CenterPoint's Brad Goodwin said.
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Title Annotation:What's New In ... Valves And Valve Operators
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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